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How Much Does Azure with SQL Cost? Learn more here.
Posted by The eSoftware Team | 22 August 2019 | Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft SQL
How Much Does Azure with SQL Cost?

Microsoft Azure is a great place to build web applications.  We often get asked how much does Azure with SQL cost?  The easy answer Azure is free to get started.  SQL with Azure has a very nominal development cost.  But what about Azure with SQL for a production level app?   Azure requires at least one...

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How to Create an Engaging SharePoint Intranet Portal
Why You Need an Engaging SharePoint Intranet Portal

Not to be confused with internet, the intranet is a closed communications network designed for internal use. Good intranets help keep your employees engaged and productive, so let’s take a look at SharePoint’s Intranet Portal, and what it can offer you! Intranet Homepage The Intranet Homepage is the first thing your employees see when they...

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Top 5 HR Applications in SharePoint

Top 5 HR Applications in SharePoint Traditionally, the HR process is paperwork-heavy by nature, and after many, many challenges and observations, Microsoft has finally migrated their HR services to the cloud. Having a cloud-based HR service both centralizes and automates a lot of tasks that will make your life easier. Not only does it cut...

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An Introduction to Office 365 Security

  An Introduction to Office 365 Security We’ve often talked about security and compliance here on the ESW Associates blog. Because security is paramount, it’s only natural Microsoft has been investing in making it easier for organizations to achieve their compliance and security goals. Since most organizations have separate teams working in these two spaces,...

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What is PowerShell for Office 365 and Why Should I be Using it?

You might’ve heard the term “shell” used in computer science before—essentially, a shell gives you access to services in an operating system, and can be either command-based, or have a graphical user interface. Windows PowerShell has been around for a while (since 2006, in fact,) and Microsoft initially developed it for task automation and configuration...

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Posted by Angie Vujicic | 02 July 2019 | Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Teams Updates Coming to GCC High in Q2 2019

We’ve often talked about Microsoft Groups here on the ESW blog. We’ve compared Microsoft Teams VS Slack. In short, Teams is the successor to Skype for Business, and is a unified communications platform, and it combines persistent workplace chat and video messaging, file storage, and application integration. With the advent of remote jobs and seamless...

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10 Attributes of the Best SharePoint Consulting Company

There are a good amount of SharePoint consulting companies as well as SharePoint consultants in the world.  What makes one company better than another can be hard to differentiate.  eSoftware Associates is unique in that we also specialize in building custom Microsoft Office apps which gives us a whole different perspective on how technologies can...

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Learn if Microsoft Power Apps a Good InfoPath Replacement
Migrating from InfoPath to Power Apps

How to Migrate from InfoPath to Power Apps Interested in migrating from InfoPath to Power Apps, but finding that there aren't many good articles explaining the differences? We have you covered. This article describes what both technologies are, what they are good at and what to look out for before attempting to do the migration....

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migrate sharepoint to flow
Migrating from SharePoint Classic to Modern UI, Part 2

Last week, we began to take a look at both Modern and Classic UIs for SharePoint and see whether you should make the jump. Today, we continue the conversation. Team sites Team and Communication sites are exclusive to the Modern UI. These sites use Office 365 Groups to simplify the permissions model, and as we...

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Migrating from SharePoint Classic to Modern UI, Part 1

With the advent of the Modern UI for SharePoint, is it worth fully migrating to the new version? Today we’ll take a look at both Modern and Classic UIs for SharePoint and see whether you should make the jump. Main Differences The first big difference we’ll look at is that Modern team sites are connected...

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