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Microsoft Teams Consulting Services

Microsoft Teams is the leading business collaboration tool.  A big reason for this is how easy it is to use and get started with when many organizations want to upgrade.  It’s so easy to start, that you can quickly create a mess with teams, channels and tabs everywhere.  Our Microsoft Teams consulting services take care of this optimization and training.

eSoftware has been working with Microsoft Teams since it was in beta.  Microsoft Teams is the fastest growing platform in Office 365.  We pay attention daily to changes with the platform to ensure we know all the features, services and security needed to properly manage Microsoft Teams.

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    Our Microsoft Teams Consulting Services

    What tools and training do we offer to help you refine your Teams’ adoption and user management? We list them below. 

    Security Audit and Implementation

    Keeping your MS Teams enterprise secure and safe can be a challenge for any company.  Our Microsoft Teams security audit and implementation services include the following:

    • Security Best Practices
    • Implications of Not Implementing
    • Automatically Adding People to Teams
    • Managing Teams and Channel Security
    • End User Impact
    • How and Where to Manage All Aspects
    • Real Time Demos in Your Environment

    Quick Start and Setup Services

    Looking to implement Microsoft Teams the right way? Do you want to save time and find long-term success? eSoftware Associates quick setup will have you running in days.  Our quick setup includes:

    • Creating Your Company Profile
    • Microsoft Teams Best Practices
    • Security Setup
    • Setup Baseline Teams and Channels
    • Automating Setup Tasks
    • Baseline Configuration Documentation
    • Initial End User / Technical Q & A Sessions

    Operational Support Services

    Microsoft Teams is constantly adding new features and services.  Many companies need more time to keep up after implementing Teams.  Our operational support services can include:

    • Managing All End User Questions
    • Adding Teams, Channels and Users
    • Communications About New Features
    • Oversee Microsoft Teams Best Practices
    • User And Team Activity Reports
    • Best Practices and Cleanup Tasks
    • Manage Apps and Integrations

    How We Work With Your Teams Account

    How do we help your daily active users and employees? We go through the following process in our consultation. 

    Decide Which Service Fits Your Needs

    Choose one of our Microsoft Teams services listed above or let us know if you have something else in mind. Our team is flexible and will ensure you get exactly what you are looking for.

    Tell Us Your Ideal Timeline

    Your timeline is critical to us. We know some companies need work done immediately. Other companies prefer a slower pace to ensure every step of progress. Our team of Microsoft Teams experts will work with you on your timeline and make sure you have a setup for success.

    Setup an Agreement That Makes Sense

    Once we have your requirements and timeline mapped out, we will recommend an agreement that matches your business needs. Each custom tailored agreement offers the most flexibility based on your requirements.

    Get Ready for Speed and Success With A Digital Workspace

    Finally, we will meet, and in many cases exceed, your requirements and timeline expectations. The eSoftware team of senior US resources are ready to analyze, recommend and implement your Microsoft Teams platform today.

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    Let eSoftware Associates Optimize Your Approach to MS Teams

    We stay up-to-date on successful user adoption for other Microsoft cloud applications. We can assist with any key component if you have active users with multiple locations. 

    Please reach out to us today to learn more about how we perfect business processes using technology. Let eSoftware Associates introduce your organization to the best collaboration capabilities available from different platforms. 

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    Client Reviews

    What Our Clients Say


    “I could not be happier. My users are happy with a tool that allows them to spend their time using the content rather than trying pull all of the pieces together. I will never look any further than ESW when I need a complex spreadsheet application simplified and improved.”


    “I want to commend both of you for a job well done. The quoting application is sensational and all of the newly requested features have been implemented to perfection. It is a pleasure dealing with individuals that can grasp the essence of the requirements and execute it with a good understanding of the user perspective. ”


    “Exceptional customer service is what every successful company lives by but very few can deliver. ESW went above and beyond to make sure our needs were taken care of every step of the way. Thanks again for taking such good care of us. You have delivered an exceptional product.”