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Microsoft 365 Consulting

Do you need a cloud solution and productivity platform? Look no further. Office 365 consultants can allow you to harness the company’s business intelligence potential.

Office 365 manages information for thousands of companies worldwide. It can organize emails, files, custom applications, lists, calendars, and everything else a company needs to be successful. Managing every aspect can be challenging for any IT organization. That is why we offer, and are, the best Office 365 consulting company.

We have been using and managing Microsoft 365 since its inception in 2009. Management includes administrative and consulting services including initial setup, best practices, licensing, security, auditing, compliance, reporting and content management.


What consulting services can we offer with this Microsoft Teams platform? We have many tools and insights to perfect your business processes and streamline document management.

Quick Microsoft 365 Setup Services

We can quickly setup Office 365 in a matter of hours.  Having an expert guide you through the initial setup will save you countless hours later on.  Guidance can include the following:

MS 365 Security & Audit Services

Office 365 manages important information for your company. Ensure it is secure and setup properly. Our Office 365 security and audit services can include:

Microsoft 365 Consulting Services

Sometimes a company only needs strategic or emergency expertise for crucial Office 365 topics. They may desire simple processes to increase employee productivity or consider a digital transformation investment. Our Office 365 consulting services covers all aspects including:

Optimize Your Enterprise Digital Environment With eSoftware Associates

Everyone needs a trusted partner to work with when using new technology or updating old. eSoftware Associates allows different businesses to upgrade their processes and systems. We support our clients based on their needs and are happy to discuss your needs to see if there is a good fit. Get in touch with us and let’s talk about how we can help support your Office 365 environment. Maximize productivity with the services and cloud solutions that eSoftware Associates can harness for your benefit.

Office 365, SharePoint AND MS Office Consulting Company

What makes us truly unique is we have multiple software engineers with over a decade experience in developing Microsoft Excel, Access and SQL solutions. Our company started doing Excel and SharePoint consulting over 15 years ago as well as Office 365 consulting since its inception. No other company offers that extensive Microsoft-focused experience. This allows us to analyze your requirements and always make the best technology recommendations by looking across the entire Microsoft suite of tools.

Only Senior US Business Intelligence Resources

Our team is located in the United States with in-house consultants. We do not outsource or delegate to outside parties. This means our team is always ready to discuss the most critical services and questions. Also, you will only work with senior team members who specialize in your needs. All of our team have been working for over 10 years across multiple industries. This experience allows us to build the right team to scale with your business requirements.

We Offer Maximum Flexibility in Everything

We realize every company is different. Maximum flexibility is critical for all companies. From start to end, we can custom tailor your experience to meet you exact needs. This starts with the first meeting with us, contracts, projects, meetings, support and everything else in between. We are here to make you comfortable and excited to work with us.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Our Microsoft consulting services rates are highly competitive and commensurate with the level of service and high quality we deliver. Our focus is on employing the best resources and delivering the highest quality results every time, and we’re always honest and up front with our time and cost estimates. Contact us for rates specific to your requirements.

Yes. Application integrations are the norm these days. In today’s world, it’s becoming less and less common to encounter a situation where we’re developing a standalone application. We create and also interact with custom APIs all the time.
Both. We can take on a project from start to finish, or we can fulfill strategic roles according to the needs of your internal team. We can provide full time, part time, or on-demand resources.
Yes. Our consultants can help with all aspects of Windows Server administration for both on-premise and cloud environments. We can address your specific needs regarding Microsoft 365 and other Windows tasks.
Our resources possess deep expertise throughout Microsoft SQL Server including database administration, development, SSIS, SSRS, HADR, security, and more. Our team includes database architects, designers, administrators, and hardcore SQL developers.

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