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SharePoint Automation

Modern businesses of all sizes waste an enormous amount of time on repetitive tasks every single day! There’s no reason that your crew should have to do the same thing over and over again with very little to show for it. Leveraging Microsoft SharePoint automation will drastically reduce how much of this kind of work has to be done by hand. Our SharePoint Workflow Automation solutions will make your work easier.

Document management tasks and approval processes are among the worst culprits when it comes to busy work. Whether you have to constantly rename URLs and files or just need to sort and tag your resources, your team’s time could be better spent on something else. ESW Associates has been helping people solve these problems since 2006.

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    A Proven Approach

    Whenever a new client contacts us, we go back to the proven playbook that we’ve been using for years to ensure that everyone gets precisely the kind of SharePoint Workflow Automation they need for success.

    A good portion of this comes from the fact that we leverage form-building technology that your company already has access too. SharePoint comes with dozens of tools that are every bit as arcane as they are useful. Our consultants are Microsoft-certified and ready to find the best ways to implement these tools in your own place of business.

    • Let's map out your SharePoint needs and confirm budget

      Our pre-project process will ensure your needs are met, responsibly. It's very easy to go over your stated budget when you're executing any kind of technology-based plan. By producing a map first, we'll be able to prevent this common problem from rearing its ugly head.

    • Aesthetics do matter

      Designing end-user friendly forms & automation are extremely important to us. While SharePoint is an efficient platform, it can be hard to customize and the default look is relatively boring. Since you probably don't want your custom intranet to offer the same exact user experience that everyone else does, we can put together something with a much more personal touch on it.

    • Let's maximize your engagement

      You may not realize what else we can pack into our work. Crews might not engage with the default interface that Microsoft SharePoint has to offer, but they'll be more than happy to work with the design we provide. Few people are going to get really excited about the design of a document storage repository, but we have the tools and skills needed to make pages that do something truly special.

    • We Solve Your Forms & Automation Problems

      Get in touch with our US team today to discuss how we can help. No matter what kind of issues you might currently be having, our consultants will be more than happy to put together a custom plan that can solve your company's unique issues. If you haven't gotten a chance to deploy SharePoint or Office 365 yet and are only in the planning stages, then our team can still help you out. Contact us online today to speak with a knowledgeable expert and learn more about what our proven approach can do for you.

    Learn about Microsoft SharePoint Consulting Services.
    SharePoint Consulting

    Our SharePoint consulting services are tailored to get you the latest short and long term best practices so your SharePoint platform is easy to use and scalable for your business.  Our services can be ad hoc or long term ongoing.

    Learn about Microsoft SharePoint Data Migration Services.
    SharePoint Migration

    We specialize in migrating files and data from other platforms such as Dropbox and Google to SharePoint as well as upgrading from older versions of SharePoint.  We will map your business requirements to meet and exceed your goals.

    Learn about Microsoft Power Apps Development Services.
    Power Apps

    Sometimes you need a more robust app than just a straight-forward SharePoint list.  This is where Power Apps comes into play.  Our Power Apps developers will bring your SharePoint data to life in an app tailored to your business needs.

    Learn about Office 365 Design and Architecture Services.
    Design & Architecture

    One size does not fit all.  Our Office 365 specialists will evaluate your requirements with design and architecture best practices to determine if SharePoint, Teams, OneDrive or another platform is your best fit for your needs.

    Client Reviews

    What Our Clients Say


    “I could not be happier. My users are happy with a tool that allows them to spend their time using the content rather than trying pull all of the pieces together. I will never look any further than ESW when I need a complex spreadsheet application simplified and improved.”


    “I want to commend both of you for a job well done. The quoting application is sensational and all of the newly requested features have been implemented to perfection. It is a pleasure dealing with individuals that can grasp the essence of the requirements and execute it with a good understanding of the user perspective. ”


    “Exceptional customer service is what every successful company lives by but very few can deliver. ESW went above and beyond to make sure our needs were taken care of every step of the way. Thanks again for taking such good care of us. You have delivered an exceptional product.”