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Open since 2006, our Microsoft consulting firm has delivered 1000’s of solutions and training for organizations across North America and the world.

The business world primarily runs on Microsoft Technologies

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Delivering top notch custom solutions and training since 2006

We work with organizations of various sizes including small business, education, non-profit and government entities.

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Delivering Quality Solutions for All Sized Organizations

We believe in transparency and always putting in our best efforts until a job is complete.

From the start of our company, we have been delivering without fail exactly what our clients need & more.

Our philosophy is resonated best by a quote Vince Lombardi once made “Winners never quit, and quitters never win”.  We uphold our values in order to provide clients with the customer service, honest advice and solid throughput with our technology solutions.

Delivering Thoughtful, Quality Solutions for Small - Large Organizations
Executive Director

Russell Kommer

eSoftware’s key advantage is our personnel: staff that bring excellent communication and service skills in addition to the technical know how it takes to get jobs done. In an era of outsourcing, we actively recruit and employ top talent domestically. Our team-driven, confidence-rich culture is built on skill, communication, trust, and professionalism enabling us to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.

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Chief Technology Officer

Joel Hill

Joel has 15 years of Technology experience and still actively engages in some of our projects to ensure maximum success.  He began using SharePoint & Office 365 since day one and has a MBA with a focus in Finance, dual Bachelors in Mathematics and Economics, holds multiple Microsoft technical certifications and is an active advocate as a certified Project Management Professional (PMP).

35Staff Members

A specialized Microsoft consulting & training firm that delivers again and again.

Leverage our in-house teams for all of your Microsoft Excel, Office, SQL, SharePoint, BI  and training needs.

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Successful Projects

We demand success here at ESW
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Custom Return Rate

92% of our customers continue
to use our services for more than 1 project

On Time, On Budget

We pride ourselves in transparency
especially when it comes to timing and budget

Senior Staff

Our people make the difference
and why we retain only the best