Corporate Intranet in SharePoint Online

Make your corporate intranet intuitive and pretty at the same time!

Almost all mid-size to large-size companies need a place to store and present information to their employees.  It makes sense to have a corporate intranet in SharePoint Online for many reasons.  SharePoint Online offers a robust toolkit to make building and maintaining an intranet a quick process.

Our team of SharePoint Online experts will analyze your business needs and determine the optimum architecture and setup.  We factor in the size of your company, your business use cases, how many departments, teams, projects, and resources you need to present as well as many other crucial factors.  A bit of planning upfront with a team of SharePoint experts will ensure you get an engaging corporate intranet.

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Why We Like This Corporate Intranet in SharePoint Online Example

Many companies used to spend months and too much money making intranet design look good.  SharePoint offers a clean, modern user interface that requires no coding.  eSoftware can take care of the setup, configuration, and training of an entire corporate intranet in SharePoint Online in a matter of weeks.  We also love the ability to embed Power Apps into intranets to bring even more functionality and polished, tailored design to each company’s intranet.  Each aspect brings a unique perspective to a company intranet which provides a branded, consistent platform to every company we work with.

We also love integrating our intranets with other Office 365 platforms such as Teams, OneDrive, and Power Apps.  The combinations of how a company can use all the tools are endless.  We also love using Power Automate to push information seamlessly throughout all the platforms and help promote important information. Power Automate is great at aggregating other information in a meaningful way that can be referenced in the future.

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