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Have you considered using Power Bi business intelligence? Ask yourself how much you really know about the business you run. You might begin to realize that it’s nowhere near as much as you might want to know. That’s where our Power BI consulting services can bring you powerful visualizations and reporting to better understand your business.
At ESW Associates, we’ve been helping managers and business owners build their relationships with Microsoft products since 2006. Whether you specifically need help with Power BI, Office 365 or even SharePoint, our Power BI consultants are there to help you out whenever you need it.

This sophisticated business analytics service will offer you interactive visualizations. Best of all, they have an interface that’s so simple end-users can generate their own reports from them.

On top of this, the user experience is simple enough that nearly anyone can put together their own dashboards. While this might be acceptable for many people, you surely want to take your business game to the next level.

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What Are Microsoft Power Bi Consulting Services?

The results our Microsoft Power BI consulting team produces for organizations simply put is incredible. Microsoft has done an excellent job of building out this powerful piece of software allowing it to stand up to other robust BI software and hold its ground. It has been a leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Analytics and BI Platforms for 12 consecutive years.   Not only is Power Bi robust with powerful visualizations and integration with the desktop and online versions, but it’s part of the Microsoft family. With this shared system, it speaks the same language as other MS products like SharePoint. Do you have multiple inputs and data warehouses? No problem, power BI easily coordinates sources of data and tie them together to create eloquent and polished management reports, dashboards and decision-making tools that simply work.

Discover Exactly what you Need

Our teams will hold multiple meetings in order to understand your needs and provide the appropriate building blocks for your Business Intelligence process:

  • What information is relevant for input?
  • Where and how should data be displayed to create a story?
  • What permissions sets apply to view and access the data?
  • What license should we buy and how do we best use them?
  • When do workflows run in order to provide updates at the appropriate times?

…and many more

All of our Power BI consultants are based in the United States and are certified to work with the Microsoft products that they’re assigned to tackle. That means you can spend less time focused on the planning stage and more on getting the right answers to your questions about deploying Power BI.

Implement and Deploy Power BI

We can build the Power BI foundation in our environment and fully test before deploying to your live environment. You will have the ability to see what our current status is via live screen-share and weekly project meetings. There will be no interruptions to your live environments.

Plan for the Future

Our Power BI team is always thinking about creating visualizations and apps that are scalable for growth and instructions for further implementations down the road as needed. Sometimes, we are able to provide a structure that administrators are able to update on their own so no additional expense is necessary.

Once you have a plan in place regarding your BI technology needs, it will be easier to see your company’s requirements as a whole. That can help you better predict when situations might strike in the future.

Remote Power BI Training Staff

Our Power BI consultants will train your staff whether it be one administrator or many end users. We want to allow your organization to fully embrace the functionality of Power BI and the impactful results it provides.

Every solution that we deploy is in keeping with Microsoft’s own best practices. They’re built from the ground up to follow the rules and regulations that engineers have laid out to make Power BI efficient and fast. Our training crews are always focused on these practices too, so you can avoid headaches in the future and keep things running smoothly.

Provide Power BI Support & Maintenance

We are always available to answer calls or emails regarding your Power BI solutions we have previously implemented. In a majority of cases, you shouldn’t experience any problems later on. However, there’s a chance that something might go awry all of a sudden later on. Should this occur, we’ll be right there to answer questions and put you right back on track.

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Business users trust eSoftware Associates to pave the way for using multiple analytics tools. Please reach out to us today to learn how you can create compelling data visualizations with meaningful insights. Let us lead your Power Bi consulting services.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Unlike most companies, we have a dedicated Microsoft Excel team to help make that determination. Some underlying data of Microsoft Excel might be heavily manipulated when it is turned into a dashboard or report. We will make that determination on how best to convert while we review your data.
It often depends on the complexity and cleanliness of your data. Some dashboards may take a few hours to setup while others may take a few days to fully optimize. We will provide an estimate on time for your Power Bi solution.

Absolutely. Talk to one of our specialists about your needs and we can put a plan together to get it done. Some people want us to “just do it”. Others love to know how exactly we implemented Power Bi. We can accommodate both.

The answer depends on your situation and digital transformation goals; no business intelligence solutions are standard or one-size-fits all. Tableau is the largest and most professional competitor to Power BI. It is often described as being more expensive, but sometimes the administration is more suited for your companies technical staff. We can help evaluate your migration needs and making sure it is a smart choice for your company.
Power Bi licensing is one of our more common requests. We can provide our recommendations on licensing based on how you intend on using the application. We can also manage the overall license provisioning process for your company, if desired.

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