Microsoft Corporate Training for Employees On-Site

Remote & On Site Training with Custom Course Agendas - Selected by you, Delivered by us

Corporate Training On-Site & Remote

With ESW training, your employees will not only improve their computer skills, they’ll also gain more confidence and experience working together as a team.  Organizations that provide on-site Microsoft corporate training programs often see lower absenteeism and a boost in company loyalty, because employees can tell you’re investing in their future.


All of our trainers have at least seven years of experience teaching in the field.  No matter what level you are training, or how big your staff, and where you are located, you will always be paired with a skilled practitioner who can work through your team’s specific issues and questions as they arise.

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    Professional Certified Microsoft Trainers

    Courses with Measurable Results

    Don’t let your employees lack of knowledge discourage them from working diligently, leverage our professional trainers and get your staff up-to-speed. We work with you on measuring skills, building an agenda and delivering a memorable course that your staff will enjoy.

    Affordable Training Options

    Remote and on-site Microsoft corporate training options are more affordable than you may think. Let’s get your employees trained in the applications they use the most. Although we train all most software applications as well as soft skills, our most common are:

    Multi-Day Discounts

    You’ll find our pricing quite competitive when you consider the quality of trainers and superiority of our proprietary training methods.  Our daily rates for training depends on your location, the number of students and if our multi-day discount is applied.  Ask us for more details!

    Customize your On-Site & Remote Classes

    Entire Company Packages Available

    Let’s talk about a training program for your company to include: remote classes, on-site classes, follow-up review, self-paced online training and more!

    Our training team will go through our process to assess if needed and deliver a customized training plan for engagments like: 

    • 5 Days On Site Training / 125 staff / Manufacturing Company
    • 1 Day Remote, 1 Day On Site / 12 staff / Small Business
    • 1 year, 10 Days p/m – half remote / 3,500 staff | Large Financial Firm
    • 1 Day Lecture / 50 participants | University

    …and all of this delivered with the flexibility your organization needs for scheduling. 

    Your HR / coordinators will feel at ease working with our team here without the stress!  We’ve delivered 1000’s of trainings over the past 12 years and will guarantee a successful Microsoft corporate training for you company.

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Unlike most companies, our training team will help provide assessments to your organization in the form of brief automated tests so you can place them accordingly as well as help decide how many classes are needed.

    We will typically request at least 3 weeks notice so we can properly assess staff members and schedule appropriately.

    We are known, not only our customization, but flexibility with our training services. Talk to our staff here and they will be happy to accommodate most custom requests.

    Yes, we offer additional training remotely and/or through a service level agreement if you’d like our professional consulting team to hop in and help you out.

    Our team will help facilitate the acquisition of courseware which typically consists of workbooks, digital exercise files and self paced learning modules.

    We typically recommend no more than 15 students per class so they have more time individually with the instructor.

    Client Training Reviews

    What Our Clients Say

    ““The class went wonderful. We used an itinerary that we picked, the class was very engaging for everyone involved.” ”

    VP, Fuji FIlm

    “Justin was a very good presenter and I feel very comfortable with my new Excel skill set. I enjoyed the training. I would LOVE to take the 3rd class. Thank you!” ”

    Manager, H & M

    “The class feedback was very positive. The instructor was great. She was on time, start and end. She really had the team engaged, and personalized for each group.”

    HR Manager, LOREAL