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Sharepoint Consulting

A majority of small-to-medium-sized businesses have no idea of what kind of Microsoft SharePoint Consulting services they really need. Even the largest firms often aren’t entirely aware of their needs, even if they think they are. Any business situation can change on a dime, which can drastically change requirements when it comes to things like collaborative document management and storage.

Here at eSoftware Associates, we’ve helped countless firms revamp their operations and custom-tailor their SharePoint deployments to their particular use cases. Our team of expert Microsoft SharePoint consultants is always more than willing to go over your current situation and help you plan for the future.

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SharePoint Consulting Experts

Microsoft has decided to market SharePoint largely as a repository system for people to store important work files in, but it can be so much more than that. There are probably just as many SharePoint configurations out in the wild today as there are users. The product is extremely configurable and different organizations use it in drastically different ways.

Our Microsoft SharePoint consulting experts have experience working with all of the major SharePoint configurations currently in use as well as many other more creative ones that aren’t quite as popular but might suit your company’s specific needs. Our experts can also deliver solutions and training for SharePoint and Office 365 products, so your firm will have a way to create documents as well as store and retrieve them.

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    We provide a Free Consultation to discuss your current SharePoint needs and provide strategic advice. Our team will look over everything your firm currently uses to get acquainted with your company's unique use case.

  • Trusted by 100’s for Professional Consulting

    We have worked with Small Business, Education, Governments and Name Brands. No matter what kind of firm you represent, our crews are ready to get the job done.

  • We are Local, National, Remote & Affordable

    You get smart SharePoint solutions from our US staff with meetings & calls as needed. That means you won't have to worry about working with any technicians serving in overseas offices.

Why Our Clients Enjoy Working With Us:

  • We understand the value of investing in proper SharePoint infrastructure.

    None of our technical experts would ever think to do things a quick and easy way, which means your company can rely on our solutions over the long term.

  • Our US team of SharePoint analysts and developers are well-spoken, engaging and insightful.

    If you don't have much experience working with SharePoint in the past, then they'd be more than happy to share the knowledge with you that you'll need to succeed. Experienced users can receive in-depth insight and share more complex problems. Our technicians are ready to work with anyone regardless of their comfort level with Microsoft's popular solutions.

  • Each engagement we evaluate what technologies fit you.

    One size does not fit all. Every company is different and deserves solutions that are as unique as they are.

  • All of our recommendations are focused on the future and mindful of any plans you have.

    Once your business starts to really grow, you can rely on our consultants' SharePoint solutions to grow with it.

Hiring the SharePoint Consultants You Deserve

ESW has been helping business owners just like you navigate the world of Microsoft solutions since 2006. Since then, our Microsoft SharePoint consultants have delivered thousands of solutions and helped countless individuals enjoy all the benefits that come with Office 365 and SharePoint. Contact us today to request a quote and a consultation from a team of experts who truly care about getting your business solutions needed to grow.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We have experience at every level of SharePoint from general inquiries through custom development. Work is done with our 100% US remote team. We typically have weekly meetings to discuss progress, ideas, questions and any other relevant topics. We prioritize all action items from those meetings and provide estimates on time before work commences.

In general, yes. We specialize in Microsoft technologies, but most of our team has experience with other platforms and development languages as well. We will always strive to get you the best answer to all your questions.

When you work with eSoftware, you gain the advantage of using our entire team. SharePoint has many facets including architecture, security, hadware, performance, content management, search and so on. No person knows everything about SharePoint, but our team collectively does.

Our team typically responds to SharePoint consulting requests within a few hours. Our team is constantly monitoring for new requests so we can provide rapid SharePoint consulting services.

Absolutely! In fact, almost all of our customers now have integrations with other platforms to boost productivity and team effectiveness. One of the key things we are always looking for is business process optimization within SharePoint.

Learn about Microsoft SharePoint Consulting Services.
SharePoint Consulting

Our SharePoint consulting services are tailored to get you the latest short and long term best practices so your SharePoint platform is easy to use and scalable for your business.  Our services can be ad hoc or long term ongoing.

Learn about Microsoft SharePoint Data Migration Services.
SharePoint Migration

We specialize in migrating files and data from other platforms such as Dropbox and Google to SharePoint as well as upgrading from older versions of SharePoint.  We will map your business requirements to meet and exceed your goals.

Learn about Microsoft Power Apps Development Services.
Power Apps

Sometimes you need a more robust app than just a straight-forward SharePoint list.  This is where Power Apps comes into play.  Our Power Apps developers will bring your SharePoint data to life in an app tailored to your business needs.

Learn about Office 365 Design and Architecture Services.
Design & Architecture

One size does not fit all.  Our Office 365 specialists will evaluate your requirements with design and architecture best practices to determine if SharePoint, Teams, OneDrive or another platform is your best fit for your needs.

Client Reviews

What Our Clients Say


“I could not be happier. My users are happy with a tool that allows them to spend their time using the content rather than trying pull all of the pieces together. I will never look any further than ESW when I need a complex spreadsheet application simplified and improved.”


“I want to commend both of you for a job well done. The quoting application is sensational and all of the newly requested features have been implemented to perfection. It is a pleasure dealing with individuals that can grasp the essence of the requirements and execute it with a good understanding of the user perspective. ”


“Exceptional customer service is what every successful company lives by but very few can deliver. ESW went above and beyond to make sure our needs were taken care of every step of the way. Thanks again for taking such good care of us. You have delivered an exceptional product.”