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Microsoft Access provides a great foundation for a small to medium size database application. At times though, firms either need to move to the platform, or away for a more robust infrastructure like MS SQL Server / Azure. If not done correctly, this can have a devastating impact on your business. And if you’re not ready, there could be major malfunctions and seemingly minor problems quickly become more complex ones. Fortunately, there’s no reason that you need to experience this.
At eSoftware Associates, we’re able to offer a worry-free professional Microsoft Access Consulting and Programming Services that are designed to work from day 1. This means your company will not need to go through issues before getting used to your new database application. Even if you’re migrating away from MS Access, or building on top of a current application, our senior level USA staff will deliver exactly what you need.

Microsoft Access Migrations

Migrations come in various sizes; from simple to very complex. Our Microsoft Access Consulting and Programming Services go through comprehensive planning in order to gauge and allocate tech to guarantee cost-effective, functional success.

We have completed dozens of Microsoft Access migrations which include:

Convert Access to the Cloud

Add a .Net or Excel Front-End to a cloud database

Converting Access to a cloud database can be a quick and painless process and also provide the opportunity for upgrades to the current system. Not only does our expert Access development team move your database, they can introduce new and enhanced functionality and workflows to your process.

Lightning fast and accurate

As the end user, you will only notice how fast your database operates now. Our experts will audit your current DB structure and rewrite queries, tables and scripts as needed in order to gain efficiencies. Performance tuning the relationship database structure as well as re-writing code and queries that may not be written well to begin with. The seamless new structure will allow future scalability for data and growth as well as protect your data from being

You can even use Excel as a front-end

Some people enjoy working and leveraging Excel as a front-end even with data that is stored in a cloud SQL or Access database. Excel can provide a very flexible blotter in order to develop advanced calculations rapidly and deploy updates at the speed of a couple keystrokes. It easily integrates with external databases allowing users all over the globe access to information.

Microsoft Access Consulting Services with

Converting Excel to Access

Are you overwhelmed and scared about losing data or not being able to perform your work? Has Excel exceeded the limits of what you think it was built for? This may be an optimal time to add an Access database to your workflow. You can even keep your Excel front-end while storing much of the data in the backend to create massive efficiency.

Access has been the go-to lightweight database for ages

Access can quickly be delivered in the form of a relationship database and be worked with without having knowledge of advanced coding procedures. It works perfectly with all MS products including Excel and can allow you an uninterrupted process while gaining massive efficiency and speed.

Our Experts will walk you through the process

Let our experts put you at ease during this conversion. You will be amazed with the speed at which you can operate at leveraging an MS access database for your work. Lightning fast work, accurate reports and data manipulation and multiple users allow enormous potential for future growth with the Access solution.

Do you want to keep Part of your current Excel Solution?

That is more than OK. In some cases, you may say I need to be able to work in a raw Excel format with the data and an Access database table won’t suffice. We build many Excel/Access hybrid solutions so users can still analyze data and work with it in a way that is comfortable. The solution is structured so the data is not stored in the Excel spreadsheet, but remains in the Access database which allows Excel to pull it forward for use.

On Demand Support

Now you have the solution but what do you do if there is a problem? Our US-based Microsoft Access Consulting and Programming Services are always available to help you in case of an emergency, simply to fix a problem, or provide a future phase of development.

Your Results

Custom Development Done Right

Work with USA staff and get worry-free results

98% Migrations within Budget

Your migration ends up on budget with our per-migration analysis process.

Increased Work Productivity

Who doesn't want to save time? Increase productivity and allivate your technical headaches.

Increased Ability to Find Information

Speed up your typical workday.

Ongoing Support you can Trust

If you need anything, our team is always here to answer questions and help you.

Scheduling an Access Programming Discussion

Since we’re a Microsoft certified partner, we’re able to offer high-level insights into the Access platform as well as Microsoft’s popular Office 365 software. Our Access consultants are always able to show your team how to better integrate these products together and use them more seamlessly than you had ever imagined. Contact us today at ESW Associates to find out more about our migration services as well as other Microsoft training and consulting opportunities you can take advantage of.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

It all depends on the project size and complexity. Discuss with us and we’ll be able to give you a ballpark based a high level overview.
Absolutely. We specialize in moving Access databases into more robust web applications.
It is very inexpensive these days for typical small and medium business solutions.
Of course! We can provide various levels of USA support as is needed.

Typically, most projects last between 2 and 8 weeks, depending on scope of work.

Access Consulting
Our professional Access Development & VBA programming communicate with you directly and deliver time and time again.
Access Migration
Our US database development staff is easy to work with and hold multiple certifications as well as decades of experience.
Access Development
Work directly with our USA MS Access development team and receive incredible results.
Access UI Design
You will receive a user interface that is simple, easy-to-use and just works.

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