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Centralize your Financial Decision Management Tasks in Power Apps

A finance decision management Power App is a powerful tool every company needs.  The below example was developed for a financial company, but we have implemented this decision management solution across almost every industry.  It allows companies to centralize all their decisions into a mobile-friendly app.  Managers and users can quickly see what they need to take action on and speed up virtually all business processes while integrating with our software platforms using Microsoft multi-factor security.

Technologies Used


Why We Like This Finance Decision Management Power App Example

Finance has a lot of quick, real-time decisions to be made.  Decisions can come from any part of the company.  Sometimes it is hard to keep track of all the decisions that need to be made, who sent them, what their true priority is, and accessing them all in a singular location.

Power Apps allows finance requests to be aggregated from across a company in real-time.  Those decisions can have custom routing, approval steps, and notifications thanks to Power Automate.   Most importantly, those decisions can be viewed, actioned, and tracked in a single app. We can make your app customized to match your exact business processes while maintaining a uniform, easy end-user experience.

Finance has a lot of decisions to make.  The amount of data requires a robust back-end database.  This is where SQL in Azure comes into play.  The power of SQL can be harnessed in Power Apps as well as other applications, such as Power BI as well as Excel.

We commonly use Power BI to create rich data visualizations for decision management.  It is very common to want to see how many decisions are made over time, the velocity of those decisions, which teams are acting the fastest, and even what revenue and profits were realized as a result of those decisions.  Business processes can be tuned and adjusted to make decisions more fluid through an iterative process… all powered by Power BI!

Benefits of Using Power Apps to Manage Financial Decisions

The main benefits of a Financial Decision Management Power App are:

  • Customized mobile and tablet layouts
  • Deep integrations across the entire company
  • Intuitive end-user experience
  • Centralized data repository
  • Backed by Microsoft security


Additionally, other business processes can be triggered by your finance decisions.  Those decisions may take place in another Power App or in of your financial platforms such as Bloomberg, Lipper, or your trading platform.  Each decision is scalable for future integrations based on your return on investment.  Metrics can also be generated to see which decision-making processes take the longest, where bottlenecks may occur, and how the company might adjust to overcome those obstacles.

Finance My Action Items Mobile Dashboard Example

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