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SharePoint Online continues to be the most robust content management platform for any company.  SharePoint was founded on document management, but Office 365 offers so much more with SharePoint Online.  Electronic forms, business automation, and deep integrations with numerous business platforms are just a small sample of what works with SharePoint Online.  This is why a SharePoint Online migration for finance makes sense for so many use cases.

We often get requests to migrate from other platforms such as network drives, Google Drive, and Dropbox to SharePoint Online.  We also get many requests for SharePoint-to-SharePoint migrations and upgrades to take advantage of the latest technologies.  Take a look at how we approach a SharePoint Online migration.

Technologies Used


Why We Like This SharePoint Migration Plan for Finance Example

A SharePoint Online migration for finance requires a lot of planning.  We spend a lot of time understanding what your specific business needs are.  Our migration plan example is one of many planning tools we use and provide to our clients to outline what their migration entails, what the effort levels are, and the high-level status of the migration.

Additionally, we often get requests to create or upgrade finance-related apps, such as a custom employee profile app.  We often get Power Apps consulting requests ranging from basic suggestion boxes to complex forecasting and tracking apps.  Below is an example of an employee tracking app that we helped augment into the new SharePoint Online environment.  It allows employees to easily update specific profile information without having to search for it.  It also empowers HR to see a collective list of changes and make their own changes without having to navigate through the inner workings of Office 365.  We sync the employee profile changes back to the Office 365 profile using Power Automate and sometimes back to a SharePoint list for ease of HR management.

Benefits of SharePoint Online Migration Planning

A SharePoint migration can be as simple as a 2-3 week process or very complicated and take several months.  It is important to understand the level of effort needed and how the migration timeline will commence.  That allows your business to make informed decisions on timing, scope, and costs to make the migration process a success.

Our migration planning process is extremely thorough.  Any company that provides an exact time estimate without conducting a detailed analysis is doing everyone a disservice.  It is imperative that everyone is on the same page before the migration begins.

SharePoint Online Migration Timeline Example

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