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What Makes a Great Non-Profit SharePoint Intranet

Have you considered Internet software for your non-profit organization? Having this software for knowledge management and document libraries can streamline your business processes and allow you to help more people. For such custom workflows, what makes a tremendous non-profit SharePoint Intranet? We have all the answers.

Data And Document Standards For Non-Profit Organizations

All companies have metrics and data that must be organized, reviewed, and presented. It is common for companies to want to showcase how well they are doing. Such content includes success stories, revenue, and completed projects.

Non-profit companies are no different in that regard, but there is a focus on generating revenue for specific needs. People working at non-profits enjoy the company’s mission and what it represents. Metrics and news help motivate employees and enable them to keep a sense of pride in what they do. A SharePoint intranet comes into play here.

Displaying Metrics In A Non-Profit SharePoint Digital Workplace

Nonprofits can have a lot of solid metrics to help get people motivated. Some examples include the following with internal communications:

  • Number of Donors
  • Donations Received
  • Donation Growth Projections
  • Fundraising Efficiency
  • Metrics Related to Core Objectives

Creating a SharePoint landing page highlighting metrics is a great way to get people to engage with the company content and check for updates. That data is ideally real-time or refreshed on a scheduled basis.

Adding Power BI visualizations to the intranet landing page can enable real-time data updates.

You can also embed Excel workbooks on SharePoint pages if people are more used to working in Excel. Check out some of the powerful Excel visualizations our Excel consulting team has built here.

Finally, you can use the SharePoint Online Quick Chart to get data from lists and libraries stored in the intranet.

SharePoint Quick Chart

Embed Non-Profit Intranet News and Social Feeds

Hearing praise for your work is one of the most motivating aspects of any job. Positive reinforcement and employee recognition are also necessary. People believe in the mission and love to see the results of what they are working on in real time.

What About Public Relations?

Most, if not all, nonprofits maintain a social and media presence to inform the public of what they stand for and their accomplishments. Non-profit organizations receive fundraising from such Public Relations. That’s why you need to stay on top of your news feed.

Embedding news and social feeds from content already being created is a great way to drive user engagement to a SharePoint intranet. Those new and social feeds do not have to be in a single location either.

Aggregate news from multiple sources. SharePoint will highlight these clips at the top landing page. Our SharePoint consulting team can work with you to optimize SharePoint, have data flowing from various sources, and roll up to an entire landing page. For example, press releases or upcoming events can be vetted and published on HR and marketing sites, and both can be shown individually or together.

SharePoint nonprofit intranet embedded features

Organizing Non-Profit Files and Links Using Digital Workplace Software

One of the great features of SharePoint vs. a Network Drive is organizing information around files. Nonprofits can add supporting information such as key performance metrics, recently used files, and frequent forms and apps related to the documentation.

KPIs promote SharePoint user adoption. Additionally, developers can update links and dynamic content based on user feedback to help drive even more business value for non-profit organizations.

SharePoint nonprofit intranet file sharing

Displaying Events on a SharePoint Landing Page

All nonprofits have events that need to be coordinated and managed. SharePoint is a great way to showcase upcoming events and their details. External events typically have images of what will transpire at the event. Showing those events and the related photos in SharePoint helps users feel engaged with the non-profit mission and what actions are being taken to achieve those goals.

Some examples of what events you may want to showcase are:

  • Upcoming fundraising events
  • Non-profit holidays
  • Important financial reporting dates
  • Individual donor meetings
  • Community events

Sharepoint nonprofit intranet events

Non-Profit Case Study: A SharePoint Intranet Example

Below is an example of a non-profit Intranet landing page. We recommend having content relevant to the organization and, more specifically, the audience viewing the information.

Each landing page should be engaging to the people looking at it. Engagement means having static content and content relevant to what they are working on now and in the future. Leaving a single page with a manageable amount of information is also recommended. The information on an initial screen show is viewed vastly more than content that requires scrolling. The more scrolling the user has to do, the less likely they will see that information.


Sharepoint nonprofit intranet example

How to Setup a SharePoint Intranet

Setting up a SharePoint Intranet may seem challenging, but there are many considerations. We recommend determining the security, what deserves a site versus a page, who all the audiences will be, and what content is relevant to each audience. From there, you can create dynamic global and quick launch navigations tailored to each audience’s needs.

Additionally, the content and security on specific pages should match those needs. A typical intranet setup should take 2-6 weeks, depending on the audiences defined and what they want to achieve.

Implement Knowledge Sharing With ExcelHelp

eSoftware Associates helps any non-profit organization and charity with various business processes. We have experts ready to set up any client portal or digital workplace.

To learn how to develop intranet software for your hardworking employees, please contact us today. If you need assistance setting up a non-profit intranet using Sharepoint, our professional Office 365 consultants can assist you in gathering requirements through implementation and support.