Manufacturing Intranet in SharePoint Online

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Many people who work in manufacturing don’t necessarily use computers on a daily basis.  Workers need to get their jobs done accurately and efficiently.  Having a manufacturing intranet in SharePoint Online can make this a lot easier.  SharePoint Online is part of Office 365 which has numerous tools for sharing information with your workforce in the plants.

A key example is being able to rapidly collect and share information with people on their phones.  SharePoint Online integrated with Microsoft Forms, which allows people with low technical acumen to create beautiful forms or surveys to gather information, including anonymous surveys.  That information can be routed to email notifications, MS Planner tasks, and even Microsoft Teams posts using Power Automate.

Technologies Used

  1. Custom Designed Intranet using SharePoint Online
  2. Mobile friendly manufacturing forms using Microsoft Forms
  3. Automated alerts and notifications using Power Automate


Why We Like This Manufacturing Intranet in SharePoint Online Design Example

The below example showcases important manufacturing documents being displayed in SharePoint Online as well as Microsoft Teams.  It also shows those same important files in a mobile layout on a phone.  Setting up a document repository for procedures, guides, drawing, and more is easy once you are organized properly in SharePoint Online.

Additionally, you can rapidly create data collection forms for manufacturing or other business processes, such as a catering form in MS Forms.  A Microsoft Form can collect that data and notify the person who created the form instantly to help make important decisions such as what is for lunch!

Benefits of Having a Manufacturing Intranet in SharePoint Online

The main benefits of having a manufacturing intranet in SharePoint Online are:

  1. Easily share information inside the office as well as out in the plants
  2. Mobile design allows you to pull up what you need on a phone
  3. Integrations with MS Teams make centralized communication a breeze

You can slowly and easily add information to your manufacturing intranet in SharePoint Online without worrying about it getting lost over time.  That information is readily available on all devices in all locations.  You can assure your employees have the information they need to do their jobs even if they don’t use technology on a day-to-day basis as part of their jobs.

Example of Manufacturing Documents on a Mobile with SharePoint Online

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