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Our Microsoft Power Apps consulting services cater to your business needs. We work with all our customers to perfect their existing systems. Create data flows suited for your business processes.

Does your business have a lot of paper forms laying around? Or maybe some electronic documents people need to fill in. Both paper and electronic documents are prone to human error. Mandatory fields not being filled in, data in all different formats. Not to speak of how do you analyze or search on that data effectively across all the forms? This is where Microsoft Power Apps consulting services come into play.

What Are Microsoft Power Apps?

Power Apps are Microsoft’s collection of their company-owned data platform, apps, services, and connections. One can use them for many business processes, from inventory management to data centralization.

Microsoft Power Apps empowers your business to provide web based, electronic forms to people both inside and outside your business. The data is centrally stored in a secure location that is only accessible by the people who need to use it. eSoftware Associates has been mastering Power Apps since it was created in 2016 and has decades of experience in automating business forms.

Microsoft Power Apps Services For Business Processes

What consulting can we offer for your business applications? We have a broad portfolio on which Power Apps consulting services can expand your workflow capabilities.

Microsoft Power Apps Development

Our Microsoft Power Apps development team can take your new or existing project from start to finish. We have been developing Microsoft Power Apps since the technology was first introduced in Office 365.

What makes us different from other Power Apps development companies is our breadth of knowledge not only with Power Apps but across all Microsoft technologies. We focus on ensuring you are using the best platforms and tools for the short term and long term.

Microsoft Power Apps Consulting

Many companies have existing IT teams and can get far in the Power Apps development efforts. You may only need a Power Apps consultant for help with tough technical questions, driving a project completion or export level Power Apps support.

We can offer our Power Apps consultants to help fill in these processes to ensure your apps are running smoothly. Additionally, we can take the lead from your concept and provide you best practices and guidance to ensure your app is optimized, scalable, and user friendly.

How Does Microsoft Power Apps Consulting Work?

Contact Us

Speak with our Power Apps experts about what forms you want to digitize.  We will review your specific needs and tailor our recommendations so you get the best Microsoft recommendations using the latest technologies.

Please reach out to us today to learn more about Microsoft consulting services. eSoftware Associates will address all of your business needs. Choose us as your Power Apps partner today.


Get Our Power Apps Consulting Services

Get started with our premier Power Apps team by purchasing a block of time, an ongoing plan or other flexible agreement.  Our team will be ready to dive into your requirements, get a plan in place and start prototyping your form.  We usually get started in 1-2 days to start working with you.  Working with eSoftware means you will always get detailed documentation, regularly scheduled meetings and full transparency into the status of every step of your project.


Bring Your Form to Life

Get away from paper or random electronic documents and start centralizing your data using a digitized Power Apps form template.  Power Apps also seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Flow to automate business processes and bring your form to another level of business efficiency.  We always recommend talking about your short and long term needs with a focus on building a scalable Power Apps form for the future.


Microsoft Power Apps Solutions

Below are recent samples of Power Apps solutions we have recommended to our customers. Each of these solutions can be custom tailored to your needs. Our Power Apps solutions always include detailed visualizations, data requirements, security requirements, integration points and much more. Even if you only have a high-level concept of an idea of what you are looking for, our Microsoft Power Apps experts will get you results within a few days rather than weeks or months.

Employment Management Solution in Power Apps

Managing employees in Office 365 can be challenging. Most of the employee details are held within Microsoft Azure. Getting to those screens and managing them can be technical. Additionally, being able to see and use that information might not be exactly what you are looking for.

You can use Microsoft Power Apps for Employee Management to capture exactly what you are looking for. Additionally, that information can be displayed and used within the Employee Management Power App as well as any other Power App.

Decision Management Solution in Power Apps

All companies have decisions to manage. Those decisions drive the business forward. Understanding where those decisions are and the history of those decisions will keep your company organized, proactive and scalable for all decisions that need to happen.

Our Power Apps Decisions Management app typically includes the ability to set security on different decision types, dynamically change who is involved in those decisions, append files for approval, track decisions through completion and see what tasks are open per employee.

Remote Incident Capturing in the Field

Many companies rely on employees out in the field to get the job done. Unfortunately, many of those jobs are still reliant on filling out paperwork, emailing photos around and in general collecting ad hoc. We have too many mobile-first Power Apps to count at this point.

A Power Apps Incident Report app can log information out in the field on a phone, including taking and storing pictures. That information can instantly save back to headquarters. The office can then analyze that information and act immediately instead of waiting until the end of the day or the next day. This creates huge time and labor efficiencies. Even better, our Power Apps Incident Reporting is 100% tailored to your business needs; the app will function exactly as you expect it to.

Managing Contacts in Power Apps CRM Solution

Managing contacts in Office 365 CRM with Power Apps can add unbelievable value. A concept as simple as a list of contacts, when managed in the right application, will drive automation, connections and business contracts forward. You need your business contacts categorized, organized and centralized in an application that makes sense to your business.

With a Power Apps CRM, contacts are mapped to a company and a deal. Communications that originate from the Power Apps CRM can be automatically tagged with the right contact, company and organization. This allows you to track deals from inception to closure.

We have also extended this application to automatically generate contracts as well as kick off projects as contracts are signed. The automation of these processes and detailed tracking from the start will give your project team back countless hours and opportunities above and beyond your competition.

Inventory Management Solution in Power Apps

Inventory management can be difficult for any sized business. There are many inventory management solutions, but many contain unwanted features and design. With an inventory management solution in Power Apps, you can custom tailor every single field so you only see what is important to you. Do have aisles of inventory? Need which store the inventory is in with a list tailored to just those values? We can do it all.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The cost of Microsoft Power Apps varies based on what you need to forms to do. Some forms are for personal user; others are meant for the entire company. We will review how your forms can be used efficiently while providing best practices and recommendations to maximize your value. Read about Microsoft Power Apps licensing here.

We make as many aspects of your Power Apps form as flexible as possible. This includes being able to update any drop-down or referential field that may change in the future. Some Power Apps forms are more simplistic than others and depending on your technical capabilities, you can absolutely update your Power Apps forms.

Power Apps forms are implemented directly in your Office 365 environment. You will 100% own the Power Apps form once it is built meaning you are not paying any additional licensing fees beyond the cost of the overall Power Apps service.

Data collected from Power Apps resides in a secure location of your choice. The beauty of Power Apps is you can use data from numerous locations and save it just about anywhere you like. We do not store the data for you, but you can store the data in your SharePoint environment, SQL, Excel and many more places.
With eSoftware, you get the Power Apps and form design experiences of our entire US based team. We have been designing and digitizing forms for decades across all industries for companies both large and small. Our team approach ensures the knowledge about your business processes isn’t siloed in a single person. You always have a team to help you out any time you need it.

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