Finance Travel Requests in SharePoint Online

Make traveling for your company a breeze!

Travelling for companies can be a hassle.  Getting all the proper approvals and tracking those approvals for audit and financial purposes feels like a chore without the right app in place.  Email is too light and not organized enough.  Other systems are too complex or burdensome.  This is where finance travel requests in SharePoint Online come into play.

Travel requests need to have an easy, intuitive way of submitting and tracking.  Those requests need to be routed for approval, coordination and routing.  Office 365 and SharePoint Online have you covered.

Technologies Used


Why We like This Finance Travel Request in SharePoint Online Example

SharePoint Online is a web based tool meaning people can submit requests from anywhere that has an internet connection.  Many financial people are on the go and need to be able to submit requests as easily as an email.  Using SharePoint to store travel requests means fields can be easily tailored to match your exact business needs.  It also has a great baseball card style for displaying itineraries at a quick glance.  Multiple views can be setup to personalize travel requests for past and upcoming travel events.

Additionally, Power Automate can be used to send requests for approval and coordination.  Normally a manager approves travel, then an assistant will coordinate the details of that request and their costs.  Lastly those costs are reviewed and approved by the finance team to ensure the costs are within the current planned budget.  This is all seamlessly handled by Power Automate to accurately track finance travel requests in SharePoint Online.

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