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How To Add A Version Number To Your Microsoft Power App

How do you add a version number to your Microsoft Power App? Working with Microsoft Office should boost your business rather than cause complications. Knowing which version of Office supports your documents, Outlook, and Sharepoint groups can make a difference.

Potential Loading Problems When You Don’t Add A Version Number To Microsoft Office

One of the main nuances with Power Apps that we hear repeatedly is that users have to wait to see new app changes. You have to refresh your browser until the published changes show up continuously. Sometimes you only know if the difference is finally there once you go through several steps to check for the update.

Other times, users may get an error because a newer version of the app has been released, and they still need to refresh their browsers to see the latest changes. The best way to alleviate all these nuances is to add a version number to your Microsoft Power App.

Why Should You Include Version Numbers In Your Microsoft App?

There are several reasons why it is a good idea for developers to include the app version in their application:

  • Transparency: Showing the app version allows users to see which version of the app they are using and helps them understand if they are using the most up-to-date version.
  • Debugging: If users encounter an issue with the app, they can provide the app version when reporting the case to the developers. This can help the developers narrow down the cause of the issue and fix it more quickly.
  • Testing: When testing a new version of the app, developers can use the app version to track which version of the app is being tested and to ensure that all necessary changes have been made before the new version is released.
  • User experience: Showing the app version can improve the user experience by helping users understand its development history and how it has evolved.

How To Add These Numbers To Your Microsoft Office Program

Some developer-related ways of adding a Version Number are by adding the Power Apps for Makers data connection. There are some licensing issues with this approach, and in some instances, you may not need to show an updated version number if the change is minor.

Instead, do this primary method:

  1. Add a text label control on the main screen where users log in or refresh the app.
  2. Add text such as “App Version 1.00”. The best practice is to use minor versions to indicate to users that no new significant changes have transpired. We add procedures to our app versions:
    1. Change the primary integer value when significant functional or design changes, such as a whole new function, process, or screen.
    2. Increment by .01 for all changes the developer wants to track, such as formula or minor design updates.

Incrementing minor versions is at the developer’s discretion. For instance, they might change a gray to a slightly darker gray and may not want to show a new incremented version for such a minor change.

A more advanced method we implement involves the following steps:

  1. Add a new screen to display a list of changes related to the latest version.
  2. Add a list to add items with a time/date stamp and automatically tag the newest version.
  3. Use a button instead of a text label for the above and change the styling to look like text and link to the new screen.

This way, users can see what was released in the new version. They can track changes in the supported outlook version numbers, especially with comparisons and contrasts with Mac Users.

Once you have entered the app version number, it will be displayed when it is opened. You can update the app version number anytime by following the same steps and entering a new version number.

Overall, including the app version in an application is a simple but important step that can benefit both developers and users.

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