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Setting a SharePoint Hyperlink to a Workflow in SharePoint Designer 2013 A recent request from one of our clients was being able to start a workflow from a link within the actual item. In their case, they have a list of events and wanted a link to the workflow and a different description other than […]

When it comes to SharePoint 2013, it can be as simple as changing the logo to be your companies all the way through using some amazing design concepts with CSS3, HTML5 and JQuery. There are plenty of design examples to give inspiration, but how exactly do you pinpoint a style that works best for everyone? […]

If you are a developer who has been assigned to develop a SharePoint 2013 app, you likely know that there is now an app model as well as actual solutions. So which is right for your company? Is it Apples to Oranges? Not completely, but there are some key differences between the two concepts. Your […]

If you are scratching your head as to how to get people pickers to work the way you think they should, you are not alone. On the surface, People Pickers in SharePoint are great. They allow you to lookup people from your company’s directory in an intuitive manner. But what happens if you want to […]

Workflow automation is the backbone to business process management, or BPM.  SharePoint is no stranger to automating business processes.  With content management integration as the driver towards business process improvement, adding workflows to drive automation is the next logical step for many companies. eSoftware Associates has worked with many companies to help them implement and improve […]

Some companies want or need to migrate content from multiple external systems into SharePoint. Other places need to figure out how to migrate or upgrade between SharePoint versions. But which tool is the right choice? You may want to compare one of the the following tools which are listed in alphabetical for neutrality purposes. A […]

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