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3 Best SharePoint Features That Will Help Your Business

SharePoint is designed to organize your projects better. As a customizable platform, you can create the perfect management system for your company’s internal workflow. So the team at eSoftware Associates Inc. wants to share three of the best SharePoint features that will improve your business operations.

1) Team Sites

A SharePoint online team site is designed to connect you and your employees to all of the information your company uses to operate your business. The team site is like a department within your organization having its own private webpage to collaborate on projects by sharing documents and even creating additional lists of information. With the online team site, your departments can view secure documents, apps, web pages, and even see the most recent activity within the site.

Your team site page can be publically viewed or set to private where only approved employees have access. The main administrator will determine which team members will be able to view, edit, and download documents. You’ll also have the authority to edit the actual site.

Users will be able keep track of all the shared documents in a secure environment by using the Quick Launch bar. The Quick Launch bar will enable users to search for documents within the site’s pages, library, OneNote notebook, and recycle bin. 

2) Team News

With team news, you will be able to work with your employees more efficiently while staying up to date on the most recent and relevant news going on in your department and industry. SharePoint offers Android and Windows 10 mobile apps with news features for iOS. Through this app you and your team will be able to view news headlines that link to the full article. Additionally, your team will also have the option to publish news articles of their own where fellow members will be able to view and download to their own device.

The Home page will display your news section and activity feed. The activity feed gives you a peek into what each team member has been doing while logged into the management system. This all will work as a hybrid of a social media page and professional management platform that’s tailored for your business. You’ll also have a section dedicated for links to files or webpages. All you’ll have to do is add an URL or select a document from your drive and it will appear in the quick link section for all users to access.

3) SharePoint Mobile App

The SharePoint Mobile App gives you the ability to follow other team sites. You’ll receive alerts and have access to some of the links that the team site wishes to share with the general public. Through your mobile app, you’ll also have technical support if you need it and the same features with a more responsive configuration.

Keeping Your Team Informed While on the Go

With the team site, you’ll have access to team news as well as current and past activity. And you’ll never miss a beat with the mobile app, because you’ll always have access to your team site no matter where you are.

There is always something new going on with SharePoint! Schedule a free consultation with one of our team members to learn about how we can build a custom SharePoint platform to help your business. We are based in New York, and have successfully worked with reputable companies like Coca-Cola, Godiva, NASA, Adobe, and more. So, call to submit a request for a free quote at 1-800-682-0882.