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What’s New with SharePoint in February 2017

New Features Launched in SharePoint within 30 days of February, 2017


Introducing the SharePoint Service 2016 Feature Pack 1

This is the first large feature pack for SharePoint Server 2016 which includes:

  • Ever wonder who changed something in Central Admin? Microsoft added logging of administrative actions performed in Central Administration and with Windows PowerShell.
  • Enhancing the security MinRole to support small environments. This is great for SharePoint security models!
  • A new OneDrive for Business user experience to create a more intuitive user experience.
  • Better custom tiles in the SharePoint app launcher to make it more your own.
  • More robust auditing across site collections on-premises and in Office 365.
  • Unified taxonomy across on-premises and Office 365 to support better hybrid models.
  • A new OneDrive API 2.0 for tighter integrations with other applications.

Read more here: Introducing the SharePoint Service 2016 Feature Pack 1

Download here: SharePoint Server 2016 Feature Pack 1 Download

News Rollup for SharePoint for all major mobile devices (Windows 10, iOS and Android)

If you use a mobile Windows 10, iOS or Android device, you will see a visual list of aggregated news leveraging Microsoft Graph from the sites you work in, follow as well as sites your colleagues work in. You will be able to see news from across your entire intranet.
Read more here: Better News in Windows 10, iOS and Android Devices

SharePoint Site Collection Storage Limit now 25TB

1TB not good enough for all your media? Microsoft increased the limit to 25TB within SharePoint Online.
Read more about the new limits of SharePoint Online Here: SharePoint Online Boundaries and Limits

SharePoint Modern UI Experience for Lists

Love the new UI for document libraries? This has now been extended to SharePoint lists as well. This includes better SharePoint mobile integration for lists to increase collaboration and utilization.

What’s Being Rolled Out for SharePoint within 30 days of February, 2017

Controlling SharePoint Access Based on Physical or Network Location

While controlling SharePoint access based on physical or network Location can be done at a broader server security level, this is becoming more granular and specific to SharePoint. This eliminates your SharePoint team being reliant on another server team. The server polices can be more broad while your SharePoint policies can be more specific.


What’s New in Development for SharePoint within 30 days of February, 2017

A FastTrack Migration Utility from SharePoint 2010 On-Premise to SharePoint Online

If you are considering migrating from SharePoint 2010 on-premise to SharePoint Online, but not too keen on the cost of a migration utility, this may be a good option for you. The terms and conditions are still being vetted, but as of now this would be a limited offering available only to customers with at least 150 licenses in their Office 365 environment.