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SharePoint Development Solutions in 2017

SharePoint has a myriad of different kinds of applications to meet your company’s unique needs. The compilation of such software can vary greatly depending on your business and how it operates. Our SharePoint developers systematically analyze your needs so that we gain a complete understanding of ways to improve your workflow.

After analyzing your needs, we develop a unique solution to implement into your existing software management system that will ultimately improve the way your company works. Our goal is to decrease the time it takes to execute a task, thus making it easier and faster for you to take care of business.

At eSoftware Associates Inc., we’re always looking for new ways to increase your business’ efficiency by finding ways to make your personalized SharePoint platform one of the most innovative software management systems in the market. And the best thing about this is that it’s all yours! You will not find another SharePoint platform like your own because when building your platform, our software developers create custom solutions with your business specifically in mind.

So What’s New, You Say?

Since December 2016, Microsoft Office 365 has been working on the new OneDrive for Business. This application is designed for users and IT administrators to communicate across the Internet and mobile devices. The key features include a more efficient home page that will display the most recent postings in the 365 Message Center. Other sections of the OneDrive for Business includes:

  • Storage – Ensures that your database doesn’t become a dumping ground for outdated or obsolete data. Your admin can control exactly how much storage a certain application holds. Here, your admin can manage how much or how little information is stored into a certain place within your management system.
  • Sharing –Administrators will be able to successfully manage and control who has access to certain information. Users will be able to control which documents are shared outside of your private database along with anonymous links. Administrators can also control which external domains other users can share within the database. For instance, if you run a company that benefits from the use of the Internet, but you want to eliminate any distractions of social media, your administrators can block these sites.
  • Sync – With the use of mobile devices automatically syncing up with other applications, it’s crucial that you control what kind of devices can and cannot sync up with your software management system. With the OneDrive for Business, administrators can efficiently manage this.
  • Device Access – Because SharePoint is so easily accessible from anywhere in the world that that could be an issue as you don’t want your competitors gaining access to sensitive data. You’ll be able to grant and allow access to certain users in regards to accessing data from other devices that aren’t automatically connected to your network.
  • Compliance – When it comes to auditing, security, and data loss prevention, users will be able to access links that provide compliance guidelines.


The OneDrive for Business makes it easier for you and your team to collaborate. Your personnel will also have the ability to connect to external services without compromising your secure information.

If you’re interested in making the OneDrive for Business a part of your software management system, contact the expert developers at eSoftware Associates Inc. Request a free quote today by calling 1-800-682-0882 or contact us online.