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Microsoft Power Apps | New Features 2021

Microsoft Power Apps New Features 2021 | Power Apps Consulting Services

Businesses that look only to the past or present are sure to miss the future. Taking advantage of new technologies will help companies scale up and perform better in an integrated and inclusive manner, giving people better control over their tasks. In addition, businesses are constantly looking forward to a better tool to collaborate, communicate, synchronize and process data. Microsoft Power App and ESWCompany’s Power App consulting services empower your business to stay ahead and take better advantage of changing times.

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The best part is Microsoft keeps adding new features to resolve problems even before they show up, thus making your life more peaceful and breathable. Here is a list of some interesting new features released this year (2021) that will give your business a sure boost:

  1. Source Code Files for Canvas Apps: Get full support from GitHub using Visual Studio Code with the Canvas app. Different teams can collaborate on apps, work on private branches, create pull requests for reviews, merge into master, diff changes, etc., making application lifecycle management convenient for formulas and canvas apps.
  2. Intelligent Relevance Search: With the inclusion of machine learning, spell check, recognition of commonly used abbreviations and acronyms, etc., better understanding will improve over time. The best part is, this experience is now also available on mobile with benefits like the ability to search from any page, zero query results, suggested results, filtered search, etc.
  3. Geospatial Features: This feature will go a long way and will allow users to introduce location-based capabilities. Powered by Azure maps, the address input feature will help extract, analyze and study data as per the location.
  4. Push Notifications: With Power Automate and updates, Power Apps Notification Connector directs users to a specific page or section of your canvas and model-driven app.
  5. Monitor: A powerful and collaborative feature that enables Power App Consulting experts to diagnose and troubleshoot problems and manage published apps during runtime, sitting at the other end.
  6. Simple Image Control for Model-Driven Apps: This is a beneficial feature that generates better UI. It comes with a file picker button, thumbnail, open and delete button for better control. It also allows adding an image to a form along with highlighting a part of it. It is an absolute blessing and facilitates working in a field environment.
  7. Editing Records on Main Form: Get a better-streamlined experience in Model Drivel Apps when editing-related information on the main form. For example, you can easily use a new form component directly inline on the main form or add it to a tab. In addition, it supports a range of features like onSave events; the main form save pipeline, error handling with duplicate detection, etc.
  8. Broad Distribution Apps: With this feature, it is now possible to build and share apps on top of Dataverse for Teams Apps beyond a team to people who don’t belong to the original development team. Earlier, only members could use apps within a team, so sharing is made easy with this feature.
  9. GitHub Connector: This feature, when used along with Power Apps and Power Automate, can build self-service CI/CD apps. It can also generate GitHub repo, create and merge pull requests, etc.
  10. New AI Builder Capabilities: The new capabilities like predicting multiple outcomes and projection of a numeric field can be deployed in logistics management to sales management.
  11. Edit in Excel: The most awaited feature by the users is now available. It lets you move data between excel and Dataverse. You can edit your data in excel and publish that back in Dataverse for Teams.
  12. New Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Version: Upgrade to the new version to get a rich experience and enhanced features on-premise.
  13. Profile+: Learn and connect with people in your organization, look up your colleagues, know their interests via their profiles and videos posted by them, understand your organization structure, roles, open positions, etc.
  14. Perspectives: It provides a discussion forum for the people in the organization to ask or resolve queries. It also comes with a search function that easily lets you find the discussion topic of your interest. This app, in turn, enhances employee engagement, employee participation, and inclusion.
  15. Boards: It is like a notice board, enables crowdsourcing where you can display relevant information like a conversation, file on SharePoint, internal weblink, etc. You can also organize them under different categories. The team owners have the authority to edit information.
  16. Print Screen: This long-awaited feature is also now available where you can print the screen of your canvas app.
  17. Portal Web API Support: With capabilities like creating an entity, updating and deleting an entity, associating and dissociating an entity, this feature creates a rich user experience inside portal pages.
  18. Key ALM Updates: There is a long list of recent ALM updates for canvas and model-driven apps through which you can control whether others can customize your apps, view solution layers, support automated deployments via service principles, de-activate model-driven apps, compare diffs, recover environment, reset it, create a copy, backup and restore and environment, etc.
  19. Custom API: Custom API for Microsoft Dataverse has significant benefits through which you can apply your logic on the main operation stage, restrict other developers from registering additional steps on your API, create a custom API using code, edit files in a solution to modify or make a Custom API, etc.
  20. Diagram View: Acknowledging the power of visuals, Microsoft now provides a diagrammatic view of how the data will flow, enabling better data management.
  21. Mixed Reality Components: This feature gives you numerous facilities that make your work in a physical environment easy. View objects in 3D, view in MR, view shape in MR, and measure in MR and validate your task before actually doing it.
  22. Chatbot: The Power Virtual Agents Chatbot lets you answer questions posted by any visitor on your portal page. This remarkable feature is configured with various topics, trigger phrases and can automatically answer questions in a chat conversation.
  23. GPT-3 & AI: It is now a dream come true when you just need to describe in simple language what you want your app to do, and in that instance, the app is created for you. Microsoft adds GPT-3 and other advanced AI technologies directly into Power App Studios to quickly build apps you need.
  24. License Management System: Developing and maintaining a license management system is a tedious task. Third-party app license management system enables partners to manage and enforce licenses the same way Microsoft does for its licensed products.

Final Words

The Power Apps bring the next level of innovation and agility to your organization with modular applications that all work together. It creates close relationships and processes with more connected cloud applications across the organization. In addition, it provides end-to-end visibility and secured workplaces to store your data.

With the help of Power App consulting experts, you can always sail forward and grow your business by extending existing applications and forming new solutions, enhancing workflow capabilities in lesser time. Explore new avenues as Microsoft works hard to align your business process better to extract maximum out of your efforts. The future lies in Power Apps equipping you with more intelligent ways to do work.

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