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SharePoint Solutions for Your Business

SharePoint Solutions for Your Business by ESWCompany

There is beauty and force in unity. The more united you work, the more you step towards success. Success starts in coming and being together for the greater good. Good teamwork multiplies productivity and efficiency at work. A successful organization is always the result of a great collaboration.

Teamwork connects people and takes contributions from all to achieve lasting success. There is also no denying the fact that constructive collaboration begins and ends with communication. With proper internal communication in place, teamwork can perform wonders for business. Technology, too, has a lot to contribute in modern-day organizations to make communication more fluid. With markets swamped with communication technologies and tools, it gets pretty challenging to choose the right one.

But if you want a tool that could give you seamless communication across your organization, then Microsoft SharePoint is the solution your business needs.

SharePoint unites people across different departments. It allows you to intelligently share and manage knowledge, resources, etc., to support teamwork. It enables you to:

  1. Share: Reinvents the ways of working together by sharing information and ideas more swiftly.
  2. Build: Make independent websites for better project management and collaboration
  3. Manage: Reduce cost, risk, and time by managing your infrastructure well.
  4. Discover: Find answers, retrieve information, and connect with others and experts
  5. Organize: Organize files separately for a separate task.


Sharepoint works as a panacea for internal communication. ESWCompany’s SharePoint Development Services provides basic and advanced solutions for organizations of any size. SharePoint is not installed on a computer locally, but we connect to it through a browser that could be your computer or mobile and lives on your server.

SharePoint Solutions that Aid Your Organization

  1. Website Creation: It offers two types of website creation:
    1. Team Sites: It is a commonplace for people to work together, store and save documents, find the information they need, etc. You can also create a site collection with many different websites and sub-sites and then invite other team members to work on this site and easily collaborate.
    2. Communication Sites: SharePoint solutions are highly recommended to broadcast information like news, articles, videos, etc. It also has a comment option for each news article and page to indulge in detailed discussion using the Yammer web part.

  2. Document Management System: Now, employees need not struggle anymore to find the correct information. SharePoint ensures easy creation, safe storage, advanced search, and different document retrieval types. It is very effective as:
    1. It allows user access permissions
    2. Good storage capacity
    3. Powerful indexing and metadata functionality
    4. Versioning capabilities etc.
  3. Cloud Solution: SharePoint Online extends cloud-based assistance to share, manage applications, knowledge, and content among team members, anywhere, anytime, using any device like laptop, tab, mobile, etc. You can also sync your files to work when you are offline. It also gives the option to chat right from within the document so that people can work collaborate.
  4. Customizable Solution: With Microsoft SharePoint Development, you get immense customizable capabilities to create custom workflows, build system notifications based on your triggers, etc. The pages are all WYSIWYG, meaning that you no longer require coding skills. Click here to learn more.
  5. Enterprise Intranet: There is no match to SharePoint when building enterprise-level portals and intranets. It supports libraries and lists for structured content management, ready-to-use add-ins and widgets, third-party integration (CRM, ERP, SCM, etc.), default workflow management capabilities, etc.

  6. Extranet: SharePoint Online can be used to connect with business partners and other stakeholders. You can easily share information of common interest and get access to affiliate services.
  7. Knowledge Management: While the document management system helps store and find any document from a specific location, the KMS helps users find content that resolves a particular problem or give a solution to a particular question. It also provides notification when information is shared.
  8. HR Process Automation: Microsoft SharePoint development automates your HR procedures like recruiting, employee onboarding, training enrollment, vacation permission and scheduling, payroll management, registering leaves, skill analysis, performance evaluation, shift management, etc.
  9. Creating Custom Workflows: It was designed to manage projects better; therefore, it offers a wide range of options for setting up and executing workflows. It has several predefined workflows for getting approvals, feedback, etc.
  10. Office Integration: Coauthor and collaborate on all familiar office applications like Word, Excel, Outlook, Access, etc.
  11. Data Loss Prevention: With this capability in your hand, you can identify, classify, monitor, and safeguard sensitive information.

Transform & Unite

Accelerate your productivity by transforming your business processes and streamlining them so that information flows smoothly to anybody who needs it. Resonate with people who share common goals and create a rich digital experience to put your organization on a growth trajectory.

Microsoft SharePoint development empowers your business to make a well-informed decision by tracing more significant trends, patterns, and relationships between different variables. Harness collective knowledge and work as a team to be a market leader. Unlock the value of time through empowering technologies and enable your organization to walk ahead of competitors.

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