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Power Apps Enable Your Business to Innovate

Information Technology changed the way businesses were done, and now enterprises are changing IT as greater attention to growth, market needs, customers, quality improvement. IT is ever rising to the challenge of making businesses more convenient and comfortable.

Doing businesses in real-time at your terms is the need of the hour and made possible by Microsoft Power Apps. They definitely will bring revolution in the ways companies will be operated, controlled, and managed. Microsoft Power Apps help businesses build their own highly customizable apps that work across web and mobile platforms with increased security, better data archiving retention, and integration.

It is an absolute low code development platform that empowers new businesses whose core model revolves around IT and traditional businesses as it quickly assembles data from excel and many other programs.

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Benefits of Power Apps

  1. Power Apps seamlessly integrates with SAP, Oracle, Workday, etc., thus standardizing data across the organization and reducing data silos most importantly.
  2. The features like AI in analytics, chatbox, external portals, mixed reality, etc., upgrade the functioning of businesses to the next level.
  3. It can collaborate with GitHub and Azure, too, enabling teams to perform better.

These apps let you innovate your business in your unique way as you can build highly customizable apps specific to a particular role or task.

Infuse digitalization in all jobs; if you are a sales manager and want your store teams to sell faster and wiser, you can easily design an app that will surface essential customer-driven product information to the sales associate by simply scanning the barcode of the product in the mobile app. The app next shows the other related products of interest and the discounts and offers available on additional purchases resulting in upselling of the merchandise.


Meanwhile, the sales manager can track the sales statistics in real-time using an interactive Power BI dashboard. For example, suppose you are a distributor and want to know whether your products are being displayed correctly. In that case, you can easily design an AI-driven mobile app, and your field sales representatives can give you real-time information about the quantity and type of display just by clicking a picture of the shelf.

There can be no better way to monitor real-time and take faster decisions and actions remotely. Many eminent Power App users like Toyota, IPS, TransAlta speak of the benefits enthusiastically. PayPal, for instance, is super happy about how the app has made them feel more connected globally and how it has increased productivity and collaboration with better data archiving and data retention.

The sky’s the limit, with endless possibilities available to innovate businesses. For instance, the prospect to cash app supported by Microsoft Dynamics 365 collaborates sellers with finance and operations, leveraging the combined power of both.

You can integrate desired data and synchronize at regular intervals. With the increased data integration under accounts, contacts, customers, product and price list, sales order, and invoice related information, the workflow capabilities increase manifolds. Now, one can handle sales and marketing and direct order fulfillment by using inventory management in supply chain management.

Marketing Opportunities are Endless with Power Apps

The data and predictive analytics tool help you build, launch and analyze the effect of advertising campaigns. Dynamics 365 Marketing bestows marketers with email marketing, customer journeys, behavior tracking, marketing pages, etc.

It also facilitates organizing, promoting, and registering for marketing events, etc. Finally, the customer voice feature helps you get customer feedback and reviews in real-time and take corrective actions wherever possible.

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So, businesses better not delay and get started. Instead, build either canvas apps or model-driven apps and lay a strong foundation for your business. Canvas apps provide a drag and drop User Interface to build apps with no coding required quickly. It can easily integrate data from more than two hundred data sources to create a highly customizable app. It is suitable for specific jobs and roles like feedback forms or applications.

On the other hand, model-driven apps provide end-to-end solutions like customer complaint management systems, etc., as they can pull data from CDS. It starts with your core data and models it. With the help of Dataverse, you can easily configure forms, business rules, and process flows. The applications made are responsive and can run on any device.

Final Words

Make your business more competitive, increase workflow capabilities and efficiency of doing business with Power Apps. Spot and resolve business problems with thousands of low code solutions and witness increased productivity and cost reduction.

We can offer our Power Apps consultants to help fill in these processes to ensure your apps are running smoothly. Additionally, we can take the lead from your concept and provide you best practices and guidance to ensure your app is optimized, scalable, and user-friendly.

Our Power Apps Consulting works for all sectors: energy, automobile, finance, healthcare, manufacturing, media and communications, retail, travel, hospitality, etc. Microsoft Power Apps are easy to create and easy to use, giving incredibly the fastest way to innovate businesses.

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