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Client Industry: Engineering Our client is a firm of engineers, technicians and research specialists providing Engineering-Evaluation, Testing and Consulting Services to the materials and systems industry. Background on the Power App Need Our client came to us in order to build an app in their M365 environment to integrate barcode generation for their large inventories. […]

Microsoft Power Apps is a powerful and versatile platform that enables businesses to create custom applications for their unique needs without extensive programming knowledge. The platform offers a wide range of tools and features that make it easy for users to develop applications tailored to their specific requirements. Key Features of Microsoft Power Apps What […]

Safety is a critical part of manufacturing.  People work closely with lots of high-tech machinery and equipment to make quality products that will be used in every industry.  It is crucial to have systems in place that allow employees to track everything from great safety ideas to incidents that transpire at work.  We all hope […]

We get a lot of construction site inspection app requests.  There are numerous types of construction projects ranging from small residential to giant commercial builds; the needs of our customers vary widely.  A common theme is being able to quickly view and take action on information while in the field at job sites.  We approach […]

A finance decision management Power App is a powerful tool every company needs.  The below example was developed for a financial company, but we have implemented this decision management solution across almost every industry.  It allows companies to centralize all their decisions into a mobile-friendly app.  Managers and users can quickly see what they need […]