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Easily track safety related incidents out in the plants.

Safety is a critical part of manufacturing.  People work closely with lots of high-tech machinery and equipment to make quality products that will be used in every industry.  It is crucial to have systems in place that allow employees to track everything from great safety ideas to incidents that transpire at work.  We all hope for zero incidents, but when they do happen, they need to be properly documented using a manufacturing safety management app. Then they need to be analyzed and fixed so they do not happen again.

The below example is from a very large manufacturing company.  Some of the labels have been changed for confidentiality and illustrative purposes.  It was requested with one main concept; ease of being able to add a new incident.  Those incidents are routed to the respective safety teams for review and action.  Some actions are taken immediately depending on the severity of the incident.  Many of those actions resulted in policy and procedure updates initially.  Over time, new incidents reported became less and less, but the whole team needed training to fully understand all of the  procedures in place.  Those training materials and procedures were optimized and refined over time and now the safety program results in very few incidents.

Technologies Used


Why We Like This Manufacturing Safety Management Power App Example

This app is very simple for people in the plants to use.  They can use the safety management power app on their phones, at desktops, set up at designated areas, as well as on tablets as they walk around.  It allows rapid transmission of safety suggestions and incidents from the workers to feed into a centralized SQL database.

Once the data comes into the database, the real magic happens.  The database allows information to be instantly routed and tracked for review and remediation.  Safety incidents can go to different managers and notify different team members based on severity.  We have even built applications where designated health or cleanup teams are instantly notified to take action instead of waiting on calls or emails.  Finally, that data gets enriched in Excel’s powerful data analysis tools.  Data slicers are added to filter and drill down on information to see trends over time. The data can also be sorted based on different variables such as specific locations or people involved.

Benefits of Using Power Apps to Manage Manufacturing Safety Incidents

The main benefits of a custom Safety Management Power App are:

  • Report incidents in plants using a mobile phone
  • Custom-tailored for ease of use
  • See trends over time and take action
  • Data syncs with other business apps such as Excel
  • Easily take pictures or upload related files tagged to the safety report

Additionally, you can push approved mitigation strategies to employee handbooks or safety training materials.  This ensures new and existing employees get routine training on the most up-to-date policies, procedures, and guidance to make your plants a safe place to work.

Mobile Manufacturing Safety Management App

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