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Schedule site inspections real time remotely from the construction site.

We get a lot of construction site inspection app requests.  There are numerous types of construction projects ranging from small residential to giant commercial builds; the needs of our customers vary widely.  A common theme is being able to quickly view and take action on information while in the field at job sites.  We approach custom construction apps the same way every time; listen to and learn about each company’s unique needs before making any recommendations.

This example was for a residential home builder.  They emphasized quality control of their tasks and annotated which tasks needed internal or external site inspections.  In addition to maintaining quality control, they also wanted quick insights into how the overall project was running.  Most custom construction apps we build are for phones, but in this case, the company wanted to use tablets with stylus pens to take notes and mark-up pictures that would then be added to inspection tasks.

Technologies Used


Why We Like This Construction Site Inspection Power App Example

A lot of functionality is packed into construction web apps that drastically reduce construction time and paperwork.  Tasks, photos, inspections, contracts, and project statuses are shown in this app.  We often get requests to also tie these processes into drawings, bills of materials, contracts, as well as estimations.

In this example, almost the entire site inspection dashboard is interactive.  The construction manager can click on any of the red, yellow, or green indicators to drill into the details of the high-level status.  Each color of the task progression bars filters to that specific status for the correlated building category.  Additional functionality can be immediately launched as well such as taking photos, seeing what is upcoming on the calendar, and reaching out immediately.

Benefits of Using Power Apps to Manage Construction Site Inspections

The main benefits of a custom Site Inspection Power App are:

  • Easily hook into other construction processes like the bill of materials and estimates
  • Speed up walkthroughs with real-time data and feedback
  • Reduce paperwork and clutter
  • Status tracking across the entire project
  • Track which construction processes are doing well and which need attention

Additionally, you don’t need to worry about paperwork getting lost, wet, or destroyed.  All your data is centralized and sent back to the main office.  People can make more strategic construction decisions to get the work done faster.

Construction Site Inspection Mobile App Example

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