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New Updates to Office 365

We’re halfway around the year, which means it’s time for new updates to Office 365. Today’s post comes with new features on Microsoft Teams, Fluid Framework, along with the new feature we’ve already covered, Lists.

Microsoft Teams New Updates

Teams is possibly one of Microsoft’s most popular apps right now. It should come as no surprise that it received a slew of updates. Here are some of the new updates to Office 365 you can look forward to:

 Customizable Templates

You will soon be able to create a new team from templates. Twelve templates will be available from Microsoft. These templates will cover a broad range of business scenarios and industries, such as hospital wards, schools, event management, crisis response, etc. Each template comes with standard team structures and pre-defined channels, tabs, and apps.

New Updates to Office 365

A Classroom Team comes with the Files, Class Notebook, Assignments, Grades, and Overdrive tabs by default.

When customizing from templates, users will also be able to customize Team Names, descriptions of the group, and channel names. Microsoft will also guide you through further customizations once the team is created in the form of a Getting Started guide.

In addition to first-party templates, users will also be able to create their own so they can better fulfill the unique needs of their businesses. Admins will be able to define channel structure, tabs, and apps for the templates they design, whether they be from scratch or from a pre-existing template.

Better Power Platform Integration for Chatbots, Custom Apps, and more

With the new enhancements to the Power Platform, it’s now much easier to integrate it with Teams.

One of the things you can do is create and manage chatbots for your Teams by selecting the one you want to use, and click Add to Teams.

Another addition is custom apps and automated workflows from Power Apps. Do so by creating an app on PowerApps, and then it’s two clicks away from being added to Teams. Just click on “…” next to your chosen app, and click on Add to Teams.

For streamlining workflows, you now have the Power Automate business process and it comes with pre-built templates you can customize if you want. The new Teams-specifics triggers and actions will also let you create custom extensions and automate @ mentions, among other things.

Sharing PowerBI reports is also just a couple clicks away. If you send a report to someone you’ll also be able to highlight specific charts or reports you want your recipients to pay special attention to.

Schedule Virtual Meetings and Events

If you have team members across different timezones, then you’ll be familiar with the pain that is figuring out the exact time everyone’s meeting at.

Now, with the new updates to Office 365, teams will offer several ways to schedule, manage, and conduct virtual appointments through the Bookings app integration. You’ll be able to manage multiple departments and locations in a single schedule, and securely host everything, from interviews to classroom meetings and healthcare consultations.


If you’re looking to broadcast a special event, like your company’s anniversary, you’ll be able to do that through Teams through the new updates to Office 365. With Network Device Interface support and Skype TX interoperability, you’ll have more advanced production options for both public and private broadcasts. For instance, if you’re a teacher whose class has done particularly well, and want to reward them with a Netflix party, this new support will ensure the video doesn’t stutter.

Shifts App Extended

New features have been introduced to the Shifts app that extend its functionalities and integrate it with Teams and other systems. New add-ons include a Graph API becoming generally available, Power Automate actions for customized workflows, and new triggers and templates, including auto-approvals.

Fluid Framework

Announced at Ignite 2019, Fluid Framework is a new technology designed with collaboration in mind.

The first Fluid Framework integrations new updates to Office 365 are for Outlook and You’ll be able to collaborate with other users on tables, charts, and tasks lists/ You’ll also be able to easily insert them on Outlook for the web. If you’re using, you’ll have the ability to have an activity feed, recommended lists, and @mentions in your Fluid workspace. Fluid components are lightweight, so any edits you make will be near-instantaneous for you and your team!




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