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Excel Consulting Services and Finance Client Success

Like many organizations during the pandemic, eSoftware Associates (ESW) has taken time to reflect on past successes and plan. This meant looking back into projects that have been even more successful than even the clients biggest hopes and dreams.

Not surprising within Microsoft Excel based projects, we found a great need and success with finance clients. We reached out to current and past clients and found four main themes.

  • Very responsive and detailed Workbook File designs
  • Time saving and efficiency
  • Added levels of complexity
  • Take the time to get it right

Workbook Design

At ESW we not only look to get the formula correct and business logic spot on we also want to make your experience in the workbook as easy and user friendly as possible. One of our finance clients told us that they currently use 4 integral workbook files that ESW has created over the years and that theycould not operate the firm’s daily and monthly practices if these did not exist.

ESW has worked diligently with this client to evolve these workbooks. One of the many reasons for this pattern of success is that ESW prides itself on not only attracting top excel and technology talent, we also make sure that our developers and analysts have backgrounds in the verticals we do work in.

Often you may find technology consultants who are good at assessing and building but what really separates the good from the best is the ability to understand our clients’ needs and work environments.

Finding and deciding to work with ESW was one of my best professional decisions I have ever made over the past 20 years.  – ESW finance client

Time Saving Efficiency

Having such knowledge on staff allows us to streamline processes and consolidate work quickly so no time is wasted gathering complex requirements. ESW works to make sure all program files have been designed and created to allow our clients to efficiently complete their work which saves them not only time but also effort and money.   This attention to efficiency in data output and usability design has helped our clients present “a solid structure for our data and how it’s presented both internally and externally” to their clients.

Added levels of complexity

Many of the organizations possess basic Excel programming skills internally but what ESW allows our clients to do is to create a unison of expertise. This has enabled our clients to provide first class consolidating data via easy to read reports for both external and internal uses. Our commitment to making the complex easy and efficient to read has led standardization of workflow throughout our client’s firms. 

ESW will create a program file or finish an existing spreadsheet that will add higher functionality to the end user based on what is needed and explained to them. – ESW finance client

Take the Time to Get it Right

…there will always be a “back and forth” once the project is given back to us to review and test ESW’s development work.  But usually, after one or two times, the project is completed. 

– ESW finance client

Attaching an Excel file for review and waiting for feedback via email is not how ESW handles the development and Quality Assurance initiative.  Given the complexity of financial data each file (during each phase) is sent for review with an accompanied invite to a screen sharing conference call meeting. Whether it is to review the data, business logic, project goals or design expectations we take the time to listen.

What typically occurs for me is that once I see the project results, it tends to make me want an addition to the program that I did not think about before.  This only adds to the final project and makes the program much more productive and efficient for my firm. – ESW finance client

An advanced finance excel solution can maximize productivity and help with client relations. Organizations with some excel knowledge can move as fast as they want working with ESW. ESW has spent years perfecting our technology and finance expertise. Let us put our world class knowledge and experience to work for you.

With ESW you get an expert solutions partner that is committed to your success. We offer everything you would need from Excel and database work to Office 365 solution architects to professional services like help desk.  Let ESW be your go to resource.


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