Microsoft Azure Consulting

Microsoft Azure Consulting

Posted by The eSoftware Team | January 29, 2018 | Blog, Microsoft Azure, Office 365

Microsoft Azure is a highly customizable platform for businesses to build, deploy, and host applications. But for many businesses, it seems like something too complex to tackle, or something they don’t quite understand. Today, we’d like to share some real-world applications for Microsoft Azure, and how investing in the platform can reap rewards for businesses large and small.

Microsoft Azure Efficiencies Realized

Combined with Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 software, Azure can provide your business with a top-down look at the health and productivity. By keeping track of everything in a single system—from initial invoice all the way through delivery—you’ll be able to see where bottlenecks occur. Best of all, you only pay for what you use, so no more having to worry about overpaying for services.

Manage your Marketing

Azure is also a great tool to help businesses manage eCommerce and marketing solutions. You can link in Microsoft’s Social Engagement, part of Dynamics 365, and you’ll be able to track your company’s social media presence (good and bad) across all platforms. Azure can serve as your hub for social engagement, through forums, social check-ins, and more.

eCommerce Solutions

More and more companies are relying on eCommerce, and Microsoft’s Azure can help them track and maintain more customers. Furthermore, site speed plays a big role in conversions—how quickly your page loads determines how many customers click away. With the content delivery network, Microsoft Azure can provide rapid-load to your content. For those who need a little more control over their sales, Azure can even help manage payments, providing a secure location for customers to complete their transactions. And all that great eCommerce data is available to be sliced and diced through Business Analytics, so you and your branches are able to manage and track expenses.

Backup and Archive

Nobody thinks about backups until they need them, it seems. With Microsoft Azure, you can maintain a secure, reliable backup of all your mission critical data without having to maintain physical backups on premises. As your business grows, Azure is scalable, so it grows with you, to handle more data, more systems—whatever you need.

This is just a snapshot of all the different features Microsoft Azure has to offer. Trying to navigate the plethora of offerings can be difficult. In conclusion, if you need a little help, contact eSoftware Associates to learn more about Microsoft Azure.

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