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Why Migrate to SharePoint 2019

SharePoint 2019 is coming, and with it, the question we’re all asking: is it worth it to upgrade? Below, we’ve listed a few reasons why you should migrate to SharePoint 2019 in the latter half of 2018.

Better Admin Management

SharePoint’s administrative controls have progressively gotten better over the years, and the newest iteration is no slouch. Incorporating both SharePoint and OneDrive, you’ll now be able to see across your entire organization, understanding where your activity is, find dead sites, and more. They’ve borrowed some features from SharePoint Online, including a Site Management page where you can filter and search your entire SharePoint environment.

Better Security

One of the main reasons organizations chose on-site SharePoint versus SharePoint Online is the control they have over their security. In SharePoint 2019, those features get additional enhancements. You can now control which devices have access to your data, blocking access to unsecured mobile devices and external users. Called Conditional Access, it’s been a feature available to SharePoint Online for some time.

New Feature: Communication Sites

SharePoint 2019 adds a new feature to their list: communication sites. Microsoft aims for these to be the central repository for all your team data, from Yammer messages to Twitter feeds to Outlook group calendars and more. Even better, you can now send news alerts to your users via mobile devices. For human resources departments, or anyone who’s ever had a new policy released, this new feature can be a boon to your adaption rates.

Updated Feature: Team Sites

SharePoint team sites have been around since the early versions of the program, but with SharePoint 2019, they get a major facelift. They’re connected to your Outlook Groups, meaning you can keep all your communications together with a shared mailbox, calendar, and more. You can add pages from other parts of the SharePoint environment (such as an HR page) to your team site for easy access, and view news articles from across the site.

New Feature: Hub Sites

One new feature coming in SharePoint 2019 are Hub Sites. Microsoft calls it a “new building block of the intranet,” touting the ability to collect data from across your environment and display it on a single page. Users can aggregate multiple sites into a single dashboard-like page, displaying news articles, updated documents, and more. You can connect communication sites and team sites, which are also integrated into Outlook. Even better, you can search across all connected sites.

With so many new features, it may just make sense to take the leap and migrate to SharePoint 2019. Finding the right partner to help you move is key, and starting your preparations now will help you get a leg up in the future. Contact eSoftware Associates for a quote on how we can move your environment into SharePoint 2019.