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How Microsoft Outlook Customer Manager Helps You Manage Your Clients

Microsoft Office 365 has a variety of tools and features available at your disposal, and it seems they’re adding new ones every day. One such feature is an integration with Microsoft Outlook called Microsoft Outlook Customer Manager, which helps consolidate and highlight information about specific customers.

Why Outlook Customer Manager?

For many businesses, it’s not feasible to invest in a large customer relationship management (CRM) system, so this new, light feature is a boon. While it’s not as robust as Microsoft Dynamics 365, it’s easy to set-up with no coding required. The Customer Manager feature is available with Office 365 Business Premium subscriptions, and will be rolled out to other license bundles in the coming months.

Automated Data Consolidation

With Customer Manager, Outlook automatically gathers all the meetings, documents, emails, notes, and more that come from individual clients or companies. You’ll be able to associate tasks with clients, adding dates, statuses, and more. Even better – you can share your client information with your entire team, and never have a gap in information when someone is out of the office. Other features available include automatic emails, summaries of deals and tasks, and more.

Easily Accessible

Outlook Customer Manager is available on the Home tab of Outlook desktop for Windows, so there’s no need to install any additional software. Like most Microsoft products, Outlook Customer Manager is available on mobile devices through a separate app. You’ll be able to check the latest information coming in and out, as well as fire off a quick email or call your clients directly from the app.

Integrates with Other Microsoft Features

Customer Manager integrates with many other Office features, including Microsoft Flow, Cortana, and more. Microsoft Flow is a feature that allows you to connect disparate third-party solutions, like Mailchimp, Twitter, and more, to Microsoft products in order to automate transfer of information. Flow can also be used between Microsoft products, like Customer Manager. Microsoft has created several Flow templates, such as connecting a SharePoint item to Customer Manager, or even creating a new customer when an invoice is created in Freshbooks.

For many businesses, Office Customer Manager is an effective and quick way to manage information related to customers and information. With the easy integration across Outlook and other Microsoft products, plus the easily customizations and data management, Outlook Customer Manager is a great addition to the Microsoft set of features.

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