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What is Microsoft Viva?

What is Microsoft Viva?

Viva is Microsoft’s employee experience platform. The platform enables remote working by integrating communication, knowledge, learning, resources, and insights. Businesses can experience Viva through Microsoft Teams and Outlook. But Outlook provides limited elements.

Features of Microsoft Viva

Microsoft Viva has four main features: Learning, Insights, Topics, and Connections.

Viva Learning

Microsoft Viva Learning provides both formal and informal learning opportunities that empower employees. Employees learn from platforms, such as Coursera or LinkedIn Learning. They can also integrate learning and building skills into their work.

Viva Learning allows employees to:

  • Share resources and lessons
  • Hold discussions through chats or video conferences

Team managers can also assign courses to individuals within their teams. In this way, Microsoft Viva Learning fosters a learning and development culture.

You can access Viva Learning through Microsoft Teams. The platform provides personalized learning content from your organization and its trusted partners. Viva Learning also recommends content that updates to reflect your interest.

You can:

  • Browse courses from your organization, Microsoft, or third-party content providers. For instance, LinkedIn Learning provides free access to 125 courses
  • Bookmark and search for courses that interest you
  • View your courses in Microsoft Teams using embedded video players
  • Share learning content with your team members
  • Adapt your learning to the organization’s Microsoft 65 language preferences. Currently, Viva Learning does not support right-to-left languages such as Arabic.

Managers can track the learning progress of their team members. There is also no need for them to track employees’ learning progress. Microsoft Viva Learning provides the competition status report for each learner.

You will need the following admin privileges to set up the Viva Learning in Microsoft Teams:

  • Microsoft Teams
  • Microsoft 365 global or SharePoint admin
  • Azure Active Directory knowledge admin. The admin should have SharePoint administrator credentials. They should also be familiar with the organization’s employee experience. If possible, the admin should know about employee learning and training.

Viva Insights

Using Microsoft Viva Insights, a company can create personalized analytics and insights. These analytics can promote wellbeing, collaboration, and productivity. Viva Insights allows businesses to make data-driven improvements in their processes and policies.

You can do the following using Microsoft Viva:

  • Stay connected with your team through AI-based task suggestions
  • Focus on your core priorities, which save time and eliminate the need to multitask
  • Send private or public acclaims to employees and colleagues
  • Reflect on how you are feeling
  • Take occasional one-minute breaks to breathe. Microsoft Viva focuses on employee wellness, and breaks are essential components of wellbeing
  • Commute. You can work from home or anywhere
  • Note tasks on the Microsoft To-Do list and take action

Personal insights are only available to you. Neither your manager nor system administrator can access them.

Viva Topics

The primary design goal for Microsoft Viva Topics was content management and organization. This feature enables employees to find information based on organized topics.

Viva avails the following details about any subject:

  • The definition. A short description of the matter.
  • Related topics
  • Relevant team, web resources, and people to contact for more information

Employees can also edit or update the available information when necessary. Viva Topics users include.

  • Topic Viewers. These are users who can only view topics. They can also provide feedback about the topic’s usefulness.
  • Contributors. These are users who can create new topics or edit existing ones. They can also make all topic viewers contributors to the issues they view.
  • Knowledge Managers. These are users who oversee a topic’s lifecycle. They:
    • Confirm AI-suggested topics.
    • Delete irrelevant topics.
    • Create new topics or edit existing ones.

    Knowledge managers are the only users who can access all topic permissions.

  • Knowledge Admins. These are users who set up Viva Topics. They manage the platform through admin controls.

Viva Connections

Viva Connections is a communications platform. You can access policies, HR information, and different social communities.

What Can Viva Do For Your Company?

Create Connections

  • Leaders can communicate or connect with everyone in the organization from anywhere. It does not matter whether you or the employees are working from home.
  • Employees can stay connected and engaged. For example, you can share your unique perspective and expertise with your team. You can also participate in conversations or find the information and tools you need for a task.
  • For IT people, Viva provides a way of delivering a seamless experience. You can create, deploy and manage apps and connections through existing infrastructure. The platform runs on top of Microsoft 365.

Drive Alignment

Viva enables the management and employees to work together.

  • Companies can communicate information and updates through Viva Topics
  • Microsoft Viva Insight also allows organizations to focus on their core activities. It is possible to achieve balance and build resistance
  • Viva Connections provides a central communication channel. Both employees and managers can use this channel
  • Viva Learning provides a way of acquiring knowledge within an organization. Employees can improve their skills

Empower Contribution

Viva also enables organizations to foster cultures where employees thrive and grow. Through the connections, business leaders can provide personal insights. They can also give recommendations that focus on wellbeing and boost productivity. Managers can also engage employees in the business process.

Do You Need A License For Viva?

Viva licenses depend on the feature you want to access. The Viva Learning license allows you to access partner content and learning. The same applies to those who want to track completion progress. A premium learning license further gives you access to recommended content.

You also need a license to access some Viva Topics features. These capabilities include viewing, accessing, or curating topics.

Viva Connections does not need a separate license. The feature is available on Microsoft 365 and Office 365 enterprise plans. You can access Viva connections without worrying about the permit. In this case, your organization will pay for the Microsoft or Office subscriptions.

Viva Insights is also available on Microsoft 365. You do not need another license to access them. Users with Viva Insights licenses can access premium personal, manager, or leader insights.

These are just a few of the many ways Microsoft Viva can be utilized to help you work less and accomplish more. Still not sure how to get started with these Viva? Book a consultation with our experienced Microsoft Consultants to learn how Viva can help your business.


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