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The Benefits Of Office 365 Over G Suite

the benefits of office 365 over g suite

There is more fierce competition than ever before in the digital office suite space. With G Suite getting consistent feature upgrades, Microsoft has ramped up its Office 365 suite to new heights. There are more reasons than ever to be excited about Office 365. Below, we will be going over some of the benefits that Microsoft Office 365 has over Google’s G Suite.


While G Suite has certainly become a much more robust offering, Microsoft’s Office 365 still trumps it when it comes to features. You will find the Microsoft equivalents to have many more features than Google’s counterparts. Microsoft’s apps are superior when it comes to features baked-in. Therefore, if you are a power-user, the feature-gap is too prominent to consider the G Suite a viable alternative.


Microsoft is very generous with its file storage with all of their plans. If you are opting for a business plan, they include 1TB of OneDrive storage with their entry-level Business Basic plan that only costs $5 . If you want to get 1TB of Google Drive storage, you will need to pay $12 per month.


Frustrations with Google Suite PlatformsThe majority of people and businesses use Microsoft’s set of applications and software. Because of this, there will be a lot more familiarity and fewer compatibility issues presented with using it. While Google has done a good job providing the ability to create both Google and Microsoft documents, there is still much more familiarity and fewer compatibility issues that you will run into when you use Microsoft’s applications. Along with this, the Microsoft plan gives you access to both the web-based applications and desktop counterparts. Meaning, you will be able to install and use the full version of the various Microsoft applications which can allow you to have much more functionality offline and it can give you much better performance if you don’t have strong Internet.


If you are going to be leveraging email either for personal or business use, you will find that Microsoft’s entry-level plan is much more friendly. Not only does it offer you 50GB dedicated to your inbox, but it is going to give you the ability to get security features even with the basic business plan. With Google’s G Suite basic plan, you will be capped at 30GB combined for both email and storage. This is considerably less and it generally won’t be enough for most users. If you are paying for the Business plan, you will be capped at 1TB and if you have more than 5 users, you will be able to take advantage of unlimited space. That being said, Microsoft’s more generous basic plan is much more advantageous to most.

Overall, there are so many benefits that Microsoft is still able to offer with its Office 365 package. While Google is certainly doing its best to catch up, Microsoft has been able to maintain its lead in the space. There is no doubt that Microsoft 365 offers greater value for the money currently.