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Application Guard Security Technology For Microsoft 365 Apps

Application Guard Security Technology For Microsoft 365 Apps

Microsoft Defender Application Guard is a great addition that Microsoft is offering to companies. This application is meant to protect the unauthorized access of trusted resources which can help to keep your entire organization safer and more secure. By setting up this application, you should be able to give your IT admins even more assurance that they are going to be able to protect from employees unknowingly opening harmful files, attachments, and more.

Why Install and Use Microsoft Defender Application Guard:

1. Enhanced Protection

Microsoft Defender Application Guard is capable of enhancing protection Shield image with a lock inside iitacross your organization. Microsoft built this to help companies deal with the increasing prevalence of threats. A lot of companies end up having to deal with emerging threats because their employees aren’t properly trained to spot and deal with malware. As a result, it can compromise the entire organization. Having further protection with this application guard will help keep the entire organization much more secure.

2. Microsoft Defender Application Guard Isolates The File

As a virtual box would help to contain viruses and malware, this guard does much of the same thing. It works by opening the file up in a secure container that is completely isolated from the actual device itself. It does this through hardware-based virtualization. Therefore, it can help to protect all users and the entire network. When the file is opened in Office, it opens it directly within the Application Guard. From there, the user is capable of doing everything they normally would including reading and even editing the files. They will be able to do all of this while in the protected container. This can keep the malware or virus contained and eliminate the chance it makes its way to other users on the network. This alone can help to prevent a lot of attacks that typically occur through attachments.

3. The Feature Is On By Default

If you currently use Microsoft 365 Enterprise, Microsoft Defender Application Guard is on by default. This security feature will be automatically turned on which makes it effortless to use and take advantage of. It can do a lot of good things including keeping the untrusted document or file from accessing anything trusted on the user’s desktop or the network. The feature can be turned off for specific users if needed. Therefore, there is no reason to consider not using it across your network.

Overall, there are more security threats than ever before. Nowadays, IT departments need to be vigilant about file attachments. A lot of threats come from attachments to Office documents or posing as Office attachments. By using this thread defender created by Microsoft, it can dramatically reduce the chances that your network or device is negatively affected by viruses or malware through an Office attachment. As a result, it is much easier to have this protection enabled than to try to train your entire workforce to avoid potentially harmful attachments and to figure out ways to verify if a file is trusted or legitimate.