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How Sharepoint Can Double a Company’s Efficiency


What is SharePoint?

There are many working parts that make up a SharePoint platform. It is a customizable cloud-based software management system that can be tailored to fit your company’s specific needs. SharePoint brings another level of organization to your business thanks to the powerful impact of task automation SharePoint might be the best thing to happen to your business, as it is designed to make your operations run better.

More About Automation

Through the process of automation, you’ll be able to turn a manual process into a computerized operation that’s executed more efficiently. It will increase the speed and improve the visibility and coordination of how tasks are completed. This will greatly reduce time and minimize the risk of human error.

Other Benefits Automation Offers

Employee salaries are arguably one of the top expenses of most businesses. A customized SharePoint platform allows you to cut down on unnecessary manpower and gives you the opportunity to focus your resources on more pressing projects and initiatives.

SharePoint provides an efficient workflow process that is streamlined to execute tasks within minutes. For example, if your business sells commodities, you’ll be able to process orders quicker, including everything from inventory management to the logistics of shipping and handling. All of your business operations can be tracked through a SharePoint platform.

Content Management

The SharePoint platform offers great content management. You can think of it as your own secure, private database system where you can store all of your business information. Primary administrators can control who can access certain documents. This is a great feature for B2B and B2C operations because it allows you to organize your content and maintain it in a secure environment. It’s the best solution for managing multiple projects and internal operations.

SharePoint acts as a collaborative environment for all people involved in a business. Through this platform, users will have the ability to publish, edit, and revise content. They’ll also have the ability to upload or download content from their computer or mobile device, no matter where they are in the world. Thanks to the cloud-based storage system.

Custom Designs

The best way a SharePoint developer can double your company’s efficiency is by building it according to how your business operates. The technology development team at eSoftware Associates Inc. conducts several thorough consultation analyses to better understand your business’ operations. Through this process, we’re able to identify any problems within your current workflow and design an affordable solution that will improve upon your existing software, increasing your business’ efficiency.

Save Time and Money with SharePoint

Collectively, eSoftware Associates Inc. has over a decade of experience successfully helping companies run better and most importantly, make more money. Our SharePoint services include the customization of project dashboards, custom landing pages, finance reporting, payroll management, and more. Contact one of our consultants to double your company’s efficiency and schedule an appointment today at 800-862-0882, or contact us online.