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Microsoft Sharepoint Development Specialists: Top 5 Things to Look for Before You Hire

  • Rates

One of the top concerns when searching for an experienced Microsoft SharePoint developer is cost. Depending on what your business’ needs are, a customized SharePoint platform can vary. Shopping around for a SharePoint programmer takes time if you want a realistic quote. The most basic service can cost at least $10,000 to implement. Depending on how many employees you have and what you need, the cost can even reach up to $200,000.

Other companies may not tell you everything that is included within their quote, such as hidden outsourcing fees. This is something to beware of when you’re looking for the right SharePoint programmer.

  • Is it a Team of Programmers or an Independent Developer?

One thing to keep in mind is weighing the pros and cons of hiring an independent program developer verses a team of programmers. The larger the team, the faster your SharePoint management system can be built and the more secure your information will be, because a team will least likely outsource the work that’s been contracted to them. There’ll be enough programmers to take care of all applications within the project.

  • Thorough Consultation

The only way a great SharePoint specialist can deliver you the best software management solution is through consultation. That means preparing yourself to ask and answer questions. Many business owners may be uncomfortable with disclosing information about their business. However, it’s best to keep in mind that if you’re looking for a SharePoint development specialist to improve your company’s efficiency, you’ll need to be prepared to openly communicate how your business operates. If a SharePoint consultant isn’t asking as many questions as you ought to be asking, then you might want to look elsewhere.

  • Quality

When looking for a SharePoint development specialist, there needs to be proven experience. The platform that the software team creates needs to make sense. Any development specialist can put together a suite of software applications and call it SharePoint. The truth of the matter is, SharePoint is whatever you want it to be.

Good development specialists will assemble a suite of software applications based on how your business operates. While building a customized SharePoint platform, each specialist involved must have a good understanding of how your internal business works. Then they must design a suite of software applications to work in concert with one another and operate as one customized software management system to make your business run better.

  • Work History

A great way to determine if the SharePoint development expert can deliver exactly what you’re looking for is by viewing their work history. How many SharePoint projects has that specialist worked on in the past? In some cases, you may even be able to find out how much they charged. Here again, while rates vary, you can at least get an idea of what they charge based on the scope of work done. Aside from attempting to find out the rates, you should also be able to see your prospects most recent work on the website. It also doesn’t hurt to ask the actual client about the development company either. This way, you can get a personal testimonial of how the software developers conduct business and whether or not the project was a complete success.

Other things to look for is if company is willing to sign a contract that states the agreed upon deliverables along with a guarantee. Contact an eSoftware Associates consultant for a free consultation today at 800-862-0882 or schedule an appointment online.