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The Right Tool For Content Migration

Some companies want or need to migrate content from multiple external systems into SharePoint. Other places need to figure out how to migrate or upgrade between SharePoint versions. But which tool is the right choice? You may want to compare one of the the following tools which are listed in alphabetical for neutrality purposes. A decisive factor is determining your overall migration need. Do you need to move only from from network drives or must you move lists, page layouts or customized objects from other online repositories into SharePoint?

There are numerous factors which can sway your decision. Each of the below companies have tools, or a tool, with their own benefits. Read through each and decide which works best for your company. It is also a good way to gather additional requirements that you might not have thought of that relate to your own migration.


AvePoint CodePlex Kapow Technologies Metalogix
Metavis Proventeq Quest seeUnity
Tzunami Vamosa VitalPath xavor