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Company Overview

A large scale construction company licensed in Florida, Texas, North Carolina, South Carolina, Mississippi and Georgia who builds multi-family units as well as commercial and industrial buildings. Additionally, they have a dedicated concrete structure division as well as joint ventures with the purpose revitalizing various communities. Current Builders play an important part in charitable organizations and routinely win awards for their workmanship in the region. They contacted ESW to make them a Paperless Construction Company.

“You’ve got to have total buy-in from the top all the way down. It’s a companywide commitment, but it’s well worth the investment.”

COO, Current Builders

Eliminate Paper

For this client, the problem was simply paper — lots of it. Like many construction companies, it kept duplicate files — one for the office, and one for the jobsite. It archived boxes of files for 10 years, the statute of repose for construction files. “On an average job, we might have 10 or 11 boxes,” says C. Faber, chief operations officer at Current Builders.

Automate Business Processes

In addition to a lot of paper, not many business processes were automated. A lot of time and money was spent taking files to and from the field offices back to the actual company offices. From human resources to job cost estimates, many different processes were in need of automation.

What We Did: Paperless Construction Company

Built on SharePoint 2010, this construction companies intranet leverages a scalable architecture to account for project specific security, enterprise search and overall ease of use. Reuse and consistency for projects was a very important piece of this implementation, and it has paid dividends. Everything from change orders or job costs have been normalized and made electronic. Through a lot of analysis, planning, diagrams of business processes and procedures through actual execution, quality solutions were delivered.

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