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Why We like This Enterprise / Corporate SharePoint Landing Page Example

Many large companies are very brand focused.  They also typically don’t want SharePoint to feel like SharePoint.  This example showcases using a minimalist header style to suppress some of the more SharePoint-like functionality and styling in favor of bringing content to the user.

The large visualizations convey the most important news for an enterprise or corporate company.  It also teases some other elements below the visualizations such as revenue charts and social media messages.  This will draw the employees and staff down the page to further bring valuable information to everyone.


Benefits of a SharePoint Online Landing Page

The modern UI framework in SharePoint Online has hundreds of configuration options to choose from.  It allows each company to feel unique and distinct in delivering the right information to their audience.  The tools also allow the content to be presented as static information in an appealing styling.  Dynamic content can also be surfaced and organized using proper information architecture.

Additionally, there are great add-in tools at a nominal cost that can add even more options.  Ask us about our great partners to showcase even more creative stylings.

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