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Company Overview

The Canadian Task Force on Preventive Health Care is a specialized government team tasked with providing health care research and guidance to support care providers in the area of preventive health. They need to rapidly consume new global research, determine its appropriateness to the projects they are assigned to and prioritize how this information is to be utilized. While the doctors and administrators that make up this team are Canadian-based, that always travelling globally to conferences, events and to other research teams to gather the latest information. As that information is gathered, it is discussed, vetted and eventually approved for public knowledge and guidance.   The end result is extremely helpful guidance to the medical community.

Their Needs

Access from Anywhere

The entire team travels around the globe and needs a way to collaborate together on information.  Setting up users to log in once per day and have access while connected to the internet was paramount.

Ease of Use

Time is a valuable asset for everyone.  It was important, extremely that the solution be intuitive enough to not require training.  From a business perspective, SharePoint could not look or act like SharePoint.

Device Agnostic

Especially for the doctors within the team, any device is permissible to meet their personal needs.  Some prefer smartphones for reading while walking, others preferred iPads for long plane rides.

Work Offline

Since travel is a large part of this particular team, there’s a strong need to be able to read and work with information even if not connected to an internet service. This included files, calendars and tasks.

What We Did

SharePoint Programmer met with the project stakeholders to determine what exactly the doctors needed to see and how they would interact with SharePoint.  Since end-user training wasn’t ideal, we focused on tailoring the user experience to make it very apparent what actions they could take.

The end result was a clean, custom interface focusing on large ‘What Can I Do’ buttons to make it very apparent where the doctor was in SharePoint as well as what they could do.  The buttons were also security controlled as to only show buttons relevant to that particular doctor.  If a doctor was not interested in participating in discussions, that button would be hidden.

Additionally, we implemented a responsive design framework to ensure each screen would adjust appropriately for all laptops, tablets and phones.  Finally, we jointly worked with their team to ensure working offline was as seamless as possible.

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