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The Power of Microsoft Office 365 Consultants and Why You Need Them?

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Every business is keen on generating revenue not only to grow it but also for sustainability. Thus, it is best to choose a system that meets the needs of the company. Microsoft Office 365 has become a popular choice for most businesses looking to implement a new system.

However, a few users think that the tool is limited to the basics of Word, Excel, Sharepoint, and Powerpoint. It also includes file storage, email, Microsoft Azure which helps to increase productivity and organization.

A business may fail to understand the comprehensive features. That is why it is crucial to hire experts that have the expertise to integrate it. A Microsoft Office 365 consultant can help to configure and deploy the system for its clients. In the long run, a business will be able to meet its needs and targets.

What Are the Duties of an Office 365 Consultant?

Most of the businesses are using Microsoft technologies to help improve sales and profits. They have a majority of tools that can be used to increase growth. Office 365 has become a vital tool for companies looking to join the cloud, one of the benefits of using the software.

As other companies use a vast amount of money to safeguard their data, Office 365 is suited with all the tools to secure it. And that is where an Office 365 consultant comes in. If your business does not have a complex IT department to deploy the software, an Office 365 consultant is essential to help you get on with it. Here is a look at some of their duties.

1. Help a business understand the technical aspects of Office 365

Using Microsoft Office might seem easy, but it might become complex as the software keeps on evolving. If you want to fully take advantage of the software, you need to comprehend its inner workings. For instance, since it is cloud-based, it has a host of tools that have been updated—and are not available in the previous versions of Microsoft. However, an expert will help your company understand all the technical aspects of the tool.

2. Create customized features for the business

Office 365 tools can be used as they are. But there are some features such as Powerapps and Powerbi, which can be personalized. An Office 365 consultant can configure and customize the basics of Microsoft Office 365 apps to your exact specifications. This will further increase efficiency and minimize risks that may arise. Also, you can automate processes such as emails that can reduce the workload.

3. Offer to advise on how best to use Office 365

As the software is frequently updated, it is best to keep up with it. An expert can advise you on the best and latest tools to add a competitive edge to your business. For instance, a company can use Sharepoint to view documents and skip the printing processes. Also, employees can use the same platform to access information on the go.

4. Train staff on how to use Microsoft software

A lot of businesses are, in one way or another, using Microsoft software. Thus, staff must be trained in its programs. An Office 365 consultant can train the staff on using the tools and learn shortcuts to work fast and increase productivity.

5. Help migrate from an old system to a new one

Migrating on your own to a new system can be risky because you can quickly lose vital data. Also, it can be time-consuming, especially if you don’t know how to do it. An Office 365 consultant can help you migrate to Office 365 with ease. This means that your content on SharePoint and Dropbox will not be lost.

Benefits of hiring Office 365 Consultants

All the products of Microsoft Office 365 work together. Hence, it is crucial to implement them in your business. If you are looking to use the software, then an office 365 consultant will come in handy. Here are a few benefits why you should hire one.

1. Helps you to define your Office 365 vision

Do you know why you are deploying Office 365 for your company? What are some of the problems that you wish for the software to solve? If you think you have the answers to these questions, you will be limited to the software’s full potential.

However, an Office 365 consultant will help you look into the tools and help design some solutions. For instance, they can help you analyze which programs best define your goals and if they can be personalized to meet the needs of the business. An expert will walk you through the complex process with ease.

2. Enhances functionality

Office 365 comes with a myriad of features that any business can use. However, you may need to do just a bit more to extend the software’s functionality. An Office 365 consultant can help you tap into third-party tools and other MS Office 365 web parts to work in your favor.

For instance, they can help you use the Sharepoint feature to include microblogging and news to connect more with other individuals. Thus, you can enhance functionality without incurring any cost.

3. Aids in increasing ROI

There is no doubt that Office 365 will be an excellent investment for your company that will pay off. This is the part where you will appreciate the work of an Office 365 consultant since they will help you deploy the software and reduce the initial costs of setting it up. Also, they can look for ways you can save money when you are using it.


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