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Microsoft Ignite 2019: 7 Great Sessions to Watch

It’s that time of the year again! Microsoft Ignite Conference Best Sessions 2019! We’ve scoured through the available online sessions and picked the 7 best ones for you to watch!

1.      Demo: Bing + Edge

Odds are, you haven’t used Microsoft’s native browser for years unless you were forced to. And you’re probably not using Bing as a search engine either. However, this demo keynote focusing on Bing and Edge might have you wondering if you should make the switch.

Edge will now run on all platforms (iOS, Android, Windows 7 and 10) and is based on Chromium browsing. Resulting in perfect compatibility with all websites, and the new version of Edge rivals Chrome in terms of speed.

2.      Microsoft Ignite Demo: Azure Synapse Analytics

Microsoft Synapse Analytics is a new great tool for building and operating analytics solutions in a simple way and without needing to code. It merges the capabilities of Azure SQL Data Warehouse with many new enhancements, such as a service for on-demand queries.

Azure Synapse delivers insights from all your data at an astonishing fast rate, and the demo has some examples of that, too. You can query both relation and non-relational data using SQL, and you’ll also be able to optimize query performance with intelligent workload management, workload isolation, and limitless concurrency.

3.      Developer Keynote with Scott Hanselman

A great keynote to watch, this session is both extremely informative for developers and non-developers alike.

This video is packed with several demos. Scott guides viewers through building an Azure application using your language of choice among Java, PHP, Node.js, .NET, or Python.

4.      Apps, Infrastructure, Data, and AI

Azure is great to build, manage, and deploy applications native to the cloud while using your favorite tools and frameworks.

If you want to know about Azure’s latest advances and updates, look no further than this keynote from Jason Zander and Julia White! Tune in to find out how Azure can make your employees more productive, provide you with limitless data and analytics, and how it’s democratizing AI.

5.      Microsoft Ignite Demo: AEP Energy + Dynamics 365

AEP used Dynamics 365 Customer insights to create a complete view of their customers in order to provide them with personalized power experiences.

You can learn more about Dynamics 365 Customer Insights here and how they can help you infuse AI in your business processes.

6.      Microsoft’s roadmap for security, compliance, and identity

Security and compliance are usually on top of everyone’s lists, and for good reason. Although it’s not available on Youtube yet, you can watch this session on Microsoft’s page. Not only does it show how Microsoft can help you with security, compliance, and identity, as well as what’s coming in terms of updates.

Features special guests from Microsoft’s Cybersecurity Solutions Group, as well as Bret Arsenault, Microsoft’s Chief Information Security Office.

7.      Demo: Azure Arc

A new set of technologies introduced at Ignite, Azure Arc unlocks new hybrid scenarios by bringing Azure services and management to any infrastructure. And it’s already available in preview!

In this demo, you can see how Azure Arc unifies operations, thus enabling agility and consistency across datacenters, whether they be on premises or across multiple clouds. Other features include simplification of IT management and governance, GEO replication, among others.

Still curious about Azure Arc? Head on over to the announcement post!

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