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Posted by The eSoftware Team | 16 January 2018 | Blog, Office 365, SharePoint
Office 365: Power Apps, Flow, and Power BI – A Match Made in Heaven!

One of the many benefits of an Office 365 subscription is the number of features Microsoft packs into a single license. Businesses now have access to a wide range of available features, from email to voice over IP. The best part: All of these features integrate with one another, providing even more efficiencies than stand-alone...

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Posted by The eSoftware Team | 12 January 2018 | Blog, Microsoft Azure
5 Ways Microsoft Azure Can Help Your Business

MS Azure Consulting Experts   Microsoft Azure is an environment for developers and other professionals use to create and manage applications. Azure is what’s known as a hybrid system—available in the cloud and on-premises. Companies use Azure for everything from mobile application development to digital marketing, eCommerce, enterprise resource planning (ERP), and more. Although the...

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Posted by The eSoftware Team | 06 January 2018 | Blog, SharePoint
How to Add SharePoint Search Verticals to SharePoint Online

SharePoint Search Verticals -  is it the same as using "search" in SharePoint?  While the out-of-the-box functionality works for many, there's ways you can customize results to show different data. This comes in handy when you're using custom content types, like specialized documents or list items. SharePoint allows you to customize what they term "search...

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SharePoint Site Column Best Practices
Posted by ESW Team | 03 January 2018 | Content Management, Office 365, SharePoint
SharePoint Site Column Best Practices

Creating site columns is a very easy task.  So easy in fact, it can create a bit of a mess if you do not use SharePoint Site Column Best Practices.  Site columns have a lot of value for reusability among lists, libraries and applications.  They also have a major advantage in that they are automatically...

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2018 Office 365 Wish List
Posted by ESW Team | 02 January 2018 | Office 365, SharePoint
Top 5 2018 Office 365 Wish List

With 2017 in the rear view mirror, we are excited to see what’s in store for Office 365!  There were many major announcements in 2017 from Microsoft across the board for their applications and platforms, but there is always room for improvement.   In this article, we explore our 2018 Office 365 Wish List. Our Top...

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Posted by The eSoftware Team | 27 December 2017 | Blog, SharePoint
Why Migrate to SharePoint 2019

SharePoint 2019 is coming, and with it, the question we’re all asking: is it worth it to upgrade? Below, we’ve listed a few reasons why you should migrate to SharePoint 2019 in the latter half of 2018. Better Admin Management SharePoint’s administrative controls have progressively gotten better over the years, and the newest iteration is...

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Posted by The eSoftware Team | 20 December 2017 | Blog
How Microsoft Outlook Customer Manager Helps You Manage Your Clients

Microsoft Office 365 has a variety of tools and features available at your disposal, and it seems they’re adding new ones every day. One such feature is an integration with Microsoft Outlook called Microsoft Outlook Customer Manager, which helps consolidate and highlight information about specific customers. Why Outlook Customer Manager? For many businesses, it’s not...

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Posted by The eSoftware Team | 12 December 2017 | Blog, Office 365, Uncategorized
Using an Enterprise Wiki Site as a Knowledge Center

For many larger organizations, a Knowledge Center is a must. In layman’s terms, it’s a space where your business can house, maintain, and use corporate knowledge, like policies, procedures, and other important information. A knowledge center can also be a central location for training videos and content, too. Luckily, there’s an out of the box...

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Posted by The eSoftware Team | 08 December 2017 | SharePoint
SharePoint PowerApps Can Take Your SharePoint Lists to the Next Level

One of SharePoint’s newer features is their PowerApps program. Included in SharePoint Online plans, SharePoint PowerApps allows users to build custom forms and workflows usable mostly for mobile devices (but can also be added to a desktop site). Intended to eventually take the place of InfoPath and other third party tools, it also removes the...

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Posted by The eSoftware Team | 06 December 2017 | Blog, Office 365
Which SharePoint License Should I Buy?

With so many options, it can be difficult for businesses to know which SharePoint License to buy. There are no less than seven separate license bundles that include SharePoint. Knowing what bundle has what—and which bundle you can set aside—is crucial to making the most out of your subscription. To that end, we’ve built the...

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