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Posted by The eSoftware Team | 24 January 2020 | Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft SharePoint Online
SharePoint User Experience Enhancements for February 2020

Microsoft continues to be busy with overall changes across Office 365.  If you aren’t familiar with where to see this changes, click here to check them out.  SharePoint Online is no exception.  The modern SharePoint user experience is excellent when it comes to creating rich, mobile friendly content that can be dynamic and tailored to...

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Posted by The eSoftware Team | 10 January 2020 | Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft SQL
Oracle VS Microsoft SQL Server

Both Microsoft and Oracle’s SQL servers serve the same purpose: they’re relational database management systems (RDBMS). A RDBMS lets you create and update relation databases-SQL is used to get that job done. Microsoft SQL Server You can use Microsoft SQL Server to build, deploy, and manage applications, whether they be on-premises or in the cloud....

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An Introduction to Node.js

Node.js is a cross-platform, open-source Javascript runtime environment that lets you execute Javascript code outside the browser. Because it uses an asynchronous event-driven model and is designed for scalable internet applications, Node.js boasts a great performance when it comes to the architectures of many web apps. For those reasons (and more,) it’s extremely popular nowadays....

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Posted by The eSoftware Team | 06 December 2019 | Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Office
Updates Coming to Microsoft Office in 2020

We’re getting closer and closer to 2020, and as to be expected, there is a slew of updates already planned for Office 365. Audio Transcription Once you’ve selected an audio file, Azure Speech Services works in the background to create and display a written audio transcript in the side panel. The transcript file is then...

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Posted by The eSoftware Team | 26 November 2019 | Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Office 365
10 Python Test Tools

Python is one of today’s most popular languages, with good reason. We’ve talked about Python development before  and mentioned automation as being one of its more attractive factors. Today, we’ll take a look at the best Python tools for test automation and see which ones you should be using depending on your needs and development...

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Posted by The eSoftware Team | 26 November 2019 | Microsoft Office
Word Macros and Why You Should Be Using Them

Automation is all the rage nowadays, and with good reason. Not only is it tiring to keep repeating the same task over and over, it’s also time you’d probably better spend doing something else. Today we’re talking about a function in Microsoft Word that most people don’t know about: Macros, which are rules that map...

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Microsoft Ignite 2019: 7 Great Sessions to Watch

It’s that time of the year again! Microsoft Ignite Conference Best Sessions 2019! We’ve scoured through the available online sessions and picked the 7 best ones for you to watch! 1.      Demo: Bing + Edge Odds are, you haven’t used Microsoft’s native browser for years unless you were forced to. And you’re probably...

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Compare SharePoint Designer Workflows vs Microsoft Flow Actions
Power Automate vs SharePoint Designer Workflows

One of the hottest topics in the SharePoint world right now is Microsoft Flow vs SharePoint Designer workflows.  The writing is on the wall: Microsoft will eventually be phasing out SharePoint Designer workflows in favor of Microsoft Flow which is now known as Power Automate.  That means it is a good idea to start thinking...

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Posted by Angie Vujicic | 28 October 2019 | Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Office 365
Top 10 Things to Know About Python Development

Python has been around since 1991, and is a high-level programming language. It emphasizes code readability with its use of whitespace and identation, and due to its constructs and object-oriented approach, it lets programmers write clear, logical code regardless of project scale. Over the years, Python has been steadily gaining popularity, and today we’ll take...

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Posted by Angie Vujicic | 17 October 2019 | Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Power Automate
10 Best Practices for Microsoft Power Automate Consultants

Microsoft Flow is a great tool for automating tasks, and it boasts many options to make your life easier when it comes to those repetitive tasks. Today we’ll take a look at the best practices for Microsoft Flow consultants should have in mind when implementing their Flow solutions! 1. Start Small! It might be...

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