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Migrate to SharePoint Online: Five of the Best SharePoint Migration Tools

Five of the Best SharePoint Migration Tools for a Smooth Move to SharePoint Online

Companies have utilized SharePoint on-premises for years and are now looking to harness Microsoft Office 365’s cloud capabilities. The difficulty is how to transition from the current on-premises version to the cloud. There are currently a multitude of technologies that make SharePoint migration simpler and more efficient. Let’s examine the five most popular migration technologies in use today.

1. ShareGateShareGate is an all-inclusive solution that facilitates the migration of material from your local environment to Office 365. It also includes collaborative tools such as filtering, advanced mapping rules, access control, and search that make it simple to track your material during the migration process. This tool’s best feature is that it can be utilized for both large and minor deployments. Additionally, it features built-in reporting capabilities, allowing you to monitor your progress along the way.

2. AvePoint – AvePoint offers one of the most comprehensive solutions available for migrating files from SharePoint on premises or other third-party platforms into Office 365 or Azure. It serves over 7 million users in 40 countries and is designed to facilitate difficult migrations while maintaining data compliance throughout the process. Before beginning any migration project, AvePoint offers additional pre-migration preparation services, including data cleansing and analysis, user training, and system integration testing.

3. Metalogix – Metalogix is an enterprise-grade solution for safely moving material between cloud environments without compromising performance or security. It has robust report production capabilities so that you can immediately track the status of your migration project at each stage. In addition, Metalogix offers automatic scheduling options and role-based access control configurations to enable secure data transfers between systems without unduly disrupting corporate processes.

4. SkyKick – SkyKick provides end-to-end cloud enablement solutions, including backup, synchronization, and recovery services, for managing data in the cloud environment securely. Its innovative Migration Suite simplifies employee onboarding by automatically provisioning new users when they log in from their own device or computer, saving time and effort in IT management tasks related to user account maintenance or creation/deletion tasks associated with onboarding/offboarding processes.

5. Quest Migrator – Quest Migrator facilitates migrations between different versions of SharePoint by automating onerous manual steps involved with typical migrations processes, such as extracting data from databases, converting documents, and auditing rights, etc. This tool’s robust scripting features allow administrators to tailor migrations to their individual requirements, while its comprehensive analytics tools provide important insight into potential deployment issues before they arise. With so many options available today, finding the right SharePoint migration tool can seem daunting at first.

Hopefully, this overview has helped shed some light on what these tools can do for businesses seeking to migrate from on-premise versions of SharePoint to office 365 or Azure cloud environments securely while keeping data compliance requirements in mind at each stage of the process. Regardless of the size of your firm or the type of migration you’re undertaking, there is bound to be a tool that matches your exact requirements!

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