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Common Excel and SharePoint Solutions

If you’re looking for an Excel and SharePoint solution, you’re essentially looking for a way to make your businesses run better. You may have already heard about how Excel can work for you, and with the right program developer, build a web-based solution for your company that can reduce your internal processes by almost 87%. 

What you may not be aware of is how SharePoint can contribute to this. That might be because not everyone is 100% certain what SharePoint is. 


What is SharePoint?

The one thing to understand is that SharePoint is not a program. It’s more like a platform. 

SharePoint is a server product. It’s installed on your backend. As a user, you connect to it from the front end of your network. It’s just a combination of several different products and technologies that are based on a tailored set of solutions for a particular problem. SharePoint is comprised of a massive set of solutions which enable you to do many different things with this platform. Therefore, it’s going to be different for every company. After auditing your company’s internal process, your developer can then compose a series of data combinations with solutions that will benefit your company. 

The most common ways that you’ll be utilizing SharePoint is through Word, Excel, and Internet Explorer. 

More About Excel Solutions

With Microsoft Excel, your developer can automate a series of tasks that could originally take hours to execute. The objective is to improve your organization’s productivity. This is done by offering customized solutions using Microsoft Excel software. This will increase your company’s work efficiency, helping you better manage massive amounts of data. 

Using Excel with SharePoint

With Microsoft Excel and SharePoint combined, you’ll be better equipped to work with other people. Your departments will be able to change, edit and join in on just one document. This one document is stored in the cloud where there is an ample amount of space to store your data. With Excel and SharePoint solutions, you’ll not have to concern yourself with server rooms or spending thousands of dollars every other year or so to update your database. What’s even better is that your employees will be able to access it from anywhere—from their home or office computer, or mobile device.

Here are some common Excel and SharePoint solutions that will improve your company’s day-to-day workflow: 

  • Create a company-wide document 

For instance, you can create your own company handbook that defines the mission statement and details therein. You can design it so that only a handful of employees are able to edit it as well as make it viewable to the rest of your workers. This way, you’re eliminating the confusion of having multiple revised documents, and any updates that are made will be done in real time. This means that you’ll always have an up-to-date handbook. You can apply this method to any task. 

Think of it this way: If you like how Wikipedia works, then you’ll love the solutions your Excel and SharePoint developer can provide.

  • Shared calendar, tasks list, and discussion board 

Think of how much time you could save if everyone was literally on the same page! With an Excel and SharePoint solution, the idea of collaboration is already built in. You, along with key members in a particular department, will be able to keep track of an immense amount of data like documents, presentations, spreadsheets, agendas, images, audio, video, and even databases. It’s all about what’s going to work to execute a certain task faster. 

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