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Why the Big Four Love SharePoint Consultants

PWC, EY, KPMG and Deloitte, collectively known as the Big Four, are the four largest professional service providers in the world.  Each company has annual revenue streams of $25 billion or more.  Professional services include accounting, tax, finance, legal, and strategic consulting.

When providing such a wide array of professional services across enterprise companies, it is inevitable that SharePoint becomes a conversation piece between the Big Four companies and their clients.  SharePoint is an enterprise-class platform capable of not only storing information, but automating and optimizing business processes for any business department or line.  This includes the ability to add auditing and compliance procedures, such as CFR Part 11, HIPAA and various ISO standards as documented here.  The only issue with combining such a robust platform as SharePoint with the industries best professional service providers is having the right technical knowledge to execute.

Big 4 + eSoftware Associates consultants = perfect collaboration

Here are the top 10 reasons why the Big 4 loves working with eSoftware Associates.  Enjoy!

  1. Our name says it all… you will be getting SharePoint specialists when you work with eSoftware Associates. We are not generalists who vaguely understand the platform.
  1. Our consultants are some of the best in the industry. Most have advanced college degrees and numerous certifications, including PMP and Microsoft.
  1. Most of our consultants are located in the US. Many industries and regulations require US-based consultants only for non-disclosure agreements.  We got you covered.
  1. Not only do we do SharePoint, we have other independent business lines for Microsoft Excel, Access, SQL, and cloud solutions. This ensures that the applications, services, and solutions we are providing are technology agnostic and scalable for the future.  It also helps out tremendously when reviewing existing business applications and processes that may have started out in any Microsoft-based technology and have progressively evolved.
  1. Similar to the Big 4, we have worked in almost any industry imaginable. This gives us ideas on what customers are looking for before we even talk to them.  We then utilize and combine our industry knowledge with the Big 4 to build the best-in-class SharePoint applications, processes, and solutions.
  1. We are highly successful in what we do; with over 90% of our projects on time and within budget.
  1. The Big 4 is very used to gathering business requirements and executing high-value business processes and procedures. eSoftware Associates can easily take those business requirements and translate them to professional design and technical requirements that everyone can understand and agree upon.
  1. eSoftware Associates is very flexible and mature when it comes to meeting client onboarding processes. We have been asked almost every question you can think of when it comes to meeting or exceeding company onboarding standards.
  1. We offer complimentary business advice when reviewing business requirements. The goal is to always provide the best business solution while being mindful of time and costs.  If there is room for improvements that add high value, we will always raise them to the attention of all key stakeholders.
  1. Simply put, we are easy to get along with. When you contact us, we respond quickly. On both phone and email communications, we are highly professional, relatable, and personable.  It comes with the territory of who our professionals are and what we strive to be by offering services that we ourselves would seek in any company.