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Why You Need an Employee and Skills Database Solution in Power Apps

Managing employees is crucial for companies of all sizes.  Whether it is 10 or 10,000 employees, knowing who they are, where they are and what they do is vital to any successful company.  Office 365 allows you to add profile properties to people such as title, department and so on.  Some of these fields show up in a user’s profile if you hover on their name, but often you need to click into their profile to see the relevant information.  What’s more, managing these fields after the user profile is creating can be problematic as you need to have Office 365 admin privileges.  An employee and skills database solution in Power Apps fixes all of this.

Why You Need It

Instead of trying to capture employee information in Office 365, imagine having it all in a single, easy to use application.  The core features of using a Power App to manage your employees are:

  • Search across everything.
  • Have filters that you need the most right in front of you.
  • Ability to dictate which fields the employee can edit versus HR.
  • Only seeing information that you need.
  • Promoting the most important fields in the order you want them in.
  • Mobile friendly and viewable anywhere with an internet connection.

How to Get Started

To create an employee and skills database solution in Power Apps, you must have at least an Office 365 license for the people who will be using the app.  The Power Apps licensing comes standard with most Office 365 licenses, but there are instances where you may need a different Power Apps license depending on what features you need.

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Next, you will need to develop the application based on your business requirements.  See the above core features and keep in mind there are almost endless possibilities on what you can do within Power Apps.  Some common customizations we have accommodated are:

  • Approval of all changes.
  • Notifications when certain changes transpire.
  • Sending custom emails to the employee based on the desired skills.
  • Toggling for on-site versus remote workforces.
  • Additional options for employees, contractors, vendors, and consultants.
  • Integration or conversion into a contact management application.

Examples of Employee and Skills Database Solution in Power Apps

Below are some examples of what this app can look like.  The application itself is not the most complex, but it offers remarkable value based on the simplicity of its design.  Many other options are available with the right requirements and development efforts.
See an Employee Profile Solution in Power Apps

An example of an Employee Profile and Skills Database Solution in Power Apps.

An Example of an Employee Profile and Skills Database Mapping Dashboard in Power Apps.