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Top 5 Tips for Hiring a Microsoft Power Apps Developer

At eSoftware, we have some of the best Microsoft PowerApps developers in the US.  It is very hard to find great resources when PowerApps is in such high demand.  Many factors come into play when finding highly skilled resources for any job position.  Below are our top 5 tips for hiring a Microsoft PowerApps developer.

1. Speaking the Lingo

How comfortable is the developer when it comes to talking about PowerApps?  Ensure that whoever is speaking to the developer has some knowledge themselves.  It is easy to throw buzzwords around, but how much does the person really know.  It is always good to have a few specific questions in mind to see how the person answers them.

Here are some common topics that we encourage you to find your own set of specific questions on:

2. Creating a Connection

Much like a personal relationship, you will know quickly if you communicate well with the Microsoft PowerApps developer.  Is the person relatable?  Is the person nervous or having a hard time communicating their thoughts to you?  Having a great verbal dialog is key to establishing that relationship.

3. See Some Technical Writing Samples

A great PowerApps developer can do more than just take requirements and build them.  They should be able to write requirements from both a business and technical standpoint.  Ask them to see a sample of what they have written for apps they have worked on.  Ask how those documents came together, what challenges there were and how it we received.  Find out what tools and methods were used to create those documents.

Common documents that can go into building a PowerApps application are:

  • Use cases
  • Business requirements
  • Technical requirements
  • Business data flow diagrams
  • Training materials
  • Testing materials
  • Support materials

4. Determine Work / Life Balance

Something eSoftware focuses on is the work / life balance of our developers.  All eSoftware Associates developers are in the US.  This means that meetings with our clients generally do not fall outside of normal working hours.  Some people prefer working early in the morning or late at night.  A developer specifically might not need to speak directly with clients daily and may take advantage of using their preferred hours.  Also, determine how much the developer wants to work.  Some people prefer part time; other prefer to work as much as possible.  How does that fit into what you are trying to accomplish?

5. How Do They Market Themselves

What makes the person you are considering a top Microsoft PowerApps developer?  The person should be able to tell you why you should hire them, and you should be convinced.  If the person can do this, you can feel more comfortable in how they interact with your users.  Each time a PowerApps developer engages with new users, they should be able to explain why they are in good hands and the right person to get the job done.

Microsoft PowerApps empowers your business to provide web based, electronic forms & workflow to people both inside and outside your business. eSoftware Associates has been mastering PowerApps since it was created in 2016 and has decades of experience in automating business forms.

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